Episode 273 – Rack City (Playlist)

Check out these example of how we mix in and out of Tyga’s “Rack City.”

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
Be Faithful
Rack City (Remix)
Rack City

Dj JD’s Example:
Slight Work (Dj JD Edit)
Rack City (Grandtheft Remix/K. Scott Edit)
Get Low (Punish & Alvaro Moombahton Remix)

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  1. i do 
    The Motto
    Rack city (dj Nugget Motto remix) dope remix 
    Bitch Remix Dj Kaos Ghetto love intro
    use word play to mix

  2. My Beat Bang- E-40
    Rack City- Tyga
    Bring It Back-Travis Porter

  3. Thanks for the sets guys…..always love seeing what other DJs are playing in the club!


    • theres also 2 other dope remixes i have of rack city that i like Rack city (blow the whistle) and Rack City dj Zimmie G’ed out mix its on Zimmies soundcloud

  4. How do those Moohmbaton remixes go over in a top 40 club? I love the energy but I have a hard time pulling a couple of electro remixes of some tracks aside from moohmbaton ones.. 

    • They go over well in moderation.  I personally don’t like a lot of the Moombahton remixes out there.  I just choose certain ones that I feel my crowd will like.  I quick mix them so even if some people aren’t feeling them, they go by quickly.  If anyone knows of good sites to get quality Moombahton, please let us know.

      • http://MoombahtonMusic.net/ has good music and is updated on the reg…you can follow them too @Moombahtonmusic (i believe thats it)

      • And you can always also go to http://www.thekollection.com and click on the electro/moombahton section…that is an “ok” site for moombahton…I’m not huge on moombahton its kinda like what spring (or jd) said above…quick in and out…but what works well (here in dc) when you have a spanish/latin group is to segway from hip-hop to reggae to moombahton to top 40/house…its a way to jump up the scale real quick and acts as a solid segway from hip hop to house

  5. I do
    DMX – Party Up
    Tyga – Rack City
    Drake – The Motto or Lil Jon – Get Low

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