Topic Of The Week: The Way We Perceive Music

We delved into this topic a bit in this week’s Weekend Recap.  Now we want to know what you guys think!

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  1. Just because a song that you found 3 months prior gets used for an iTunes commercial, doesn’t mean it’s still not a good song.  This musical elitism and snobbery is one of the reasons that DJs get a bad rep from the general public. We should always be musically smarter than the rooms we play to, but that does not make us better than them. DJs need to realize that it’s their job to find new music and for every song we’ve been trying to break that eventually does go mainstream, there are countless others that just never make it.  How long have we all been playing records like Titanium which is now just finally getting radio Airplay? I mean Party Rock Anthem dropped last January and didn’t chart until June. You should take comfort in the fact that you found it first.  That’s how DJs make a name for themselves, by being the “oh well I heard DJ X play that two months ago” argument when laypeople are conversing about a popular song. Good DJs don’t just play popular music, they help make music popular.  Let’s be real. What DJ wants to play music that no one knows or can relate to? Every genre, even the “underground” ones have popular records. If you are that much of a snob that you refuse to play those records just because you’re don’t wanna “sell out” then hang up the headphones because you forgot the golden rule. Play to the crowd and, unless you have a room full of DJs or music “savvy” hipsters, that means taking “popular” music into consideration.

    • Great comment!  I agree with what you said, but we’ve also gotten some great survey answers that shed a little light on why some people maybe influenced the other way.  Gonna have a good convo in our next Weekend Recap, and we’ll definitely bring up what you said.

      —– Spring

  2. Definitely my perception and opinion is changed. That doesn’t mean it’s changed for the bad, however the reason my opinion is changed is because the mainstream influences everyone to adapt the mainstream’s opinion about the song. Most of the time, the mainstream’s opinion about the song is different than my initial opinion of why I liked the song in the first place. This is where my opinion becomes mixed now for a song that becomes popular. It’s good for a song to gain recognition, but there’s a difference between your personal opinion of a song and the popular opinion.

    In the end, our opinions as DJs shouldn’t matter when it comes to playing for the crowd and bringing the party to the people. We’ll always have to bite the bullet at times and play that original Katy Perry song that drives us personally nuts, but makes the girls go wild!

  3. if your favorite song was used in a
    popular commercial that caused your grandmother and all her friends to
    like it too, would that change your opinion on the song?… that song Fun – We Are Young by any chance? haha still a good song to me

  4. The music I enjoy and the music I play out aren’t always one and the same. I try to incorporate the two together, but they are inherently separate in my world. This has happened to me many times. For example, “Remind Me” by Royksopp was EXTREMELY popular overseas. Then it was used in the Geico commercial with the Caveman walking through the airport on the motorized platform. I love that song, but it will forever be “That Geico song” in the USA. Regardless, I still rock that song at home, and many others like it on a regular basis. On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s an example of an unknown song by a popular artist that I love. “With You” by LMFAO is my favorite song on “Sorry for Party Rocking”, but NOBODY knows it. I play it from time to time when I spin, but it is so unfamiliar, that people just kinda dance because they realize it’s LMFAO about halfway through. The harsh reality of that situation is, it’s a cool song, but it will never be seen as cool until it becomes popular.

  5. Lets look at this question from a different angle. Who in the general public (Not counting people who do actually listen to Musicals, and the like) were really itching to listen to Annies, “Its a Hard Knock Life” song over and over if at all before Jay Z turned it into a smash hit. One may not think it was cool on the way up to the club with his or her friends to bump the original Musical version on their car radio…lol, as they might be percieved as being lame or not cool doing so. Once Jay Z sampled it, and gave it to us in a form most can relate to, the song as a whole became cool to listen to in its now reincarnated new version complete with a lyrical flow! It was a huge creative success on Jay Zs part to think outside the box, not caring what people would think if he took this sample and made a track from it. Once Jay Z was on it, most that thought it was so cool to hear Annie in that form, but before hand, Im not really sure.  

    Hip Hop and the old classic MPC were/are a team in taking old classics our parents and grandparents liked, and utilizing portions and samples of those tracks, and turning them into Hip Hop tracks. Some of the best classic Hip Hop tracks utilize samples from before our time, and turn them into hits. So tieing this into the question, why should it matter the other way, when a big name Dept store is playing your favorite Dubstep track on their Commercial Ad for something, why would that be a determining factor on weather you will continue likeing that same song in the future. Last I recall, if you like a song, its because you like it, and why would outside factors persuade you to think differently on that. On the otherhand, I can see why people would comment and or complain about why their favorite track is being used by a corporation, even to the point where they might poke fun at them for using their favorite track in a weird way to advertise and sell a product. But that by all means shouldn’t lead you to abandon liking the song from their on out. IDK, I guess I don’t think in those ways, so I cant comprehend why one would go as far as disliking songs, etc, based on others perception of it.

    Why is it, as a society, once a “Big Name” celeb or Artist says its “O.k.” to like something(I.E. In Music, Movies, Fashion, Etc) we only then feel that it is cool to like it as well. What happened to Liking a song no matter what Pop Culture, TV show or commercial exploits it as. To become a Pioneer or Innovator, this is definitely the wrong way to go about thinking, as you will be doing and likeing things based on others perceptions, and if you for one minute run that thought of “What if people don’t think what I’m doing is cool”, then your chances as being Innovative are as good as down the drain. Again, think Jay Zs utilization of the Annie sample. If it were for him thinking how others would perceive him, he would never of had that creative moment of turning a Musical number into a Hip Hop track. 

    I will say this though, I can see someone getting sick of a specific song they once loved, because maybe an Ad or commercial plays it out so much, that you just get tired of hearing it no matter where you turn, however if its not that, then disapproving or disliking a song solely because an older generation is now hip to it, I cant even comprehend not liking something for that matter. If I like something, I could care less who does or doesn’t like it as well. I’m the one who likes it, and if I’m going to not like it based on it not having a cool factor, then I cant really like it that much to begin with, or I’m just not being true to myself for the benefit of everyone else.

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