Fun – We Are Young (Remixes)

Pool Track Trends A&R Corner

The A&R Corner is a new joint effort with POOL Track Trends, featuring remixes from select singles ranked by spins from reporting POOL DJs. The A&R Corner highlights official, unofficial & bootleg remixes, so you can find different versions to play in your set.

Fun - We Are Young

1 Alvin Risk Remix Trends
2 Addict Remix Trends
3 Reidiculous Remix Trends
4 Super Scott Remix Trends
5 DJ Deville Remix Trends
6 Coden Remix Trends
7 X-Factor Drunk Tonight Remix Trends
8 Drunk Tonight Mix Trends
9 Bonnie & Clyde Remix Trends
10 Tommy Tunez Cascade Bootleg Trends
11 JD Live Bootleg Trends
12 Beatbreaker Secret House Bootleg Trends
13 David Heartbreak Remix Trends


  1. If anybody wants my WE ARE YOUNG bootleg. Please feel free to email me @ djtommytunez @ gmail . com

  2. How do we download these Remixes?

  3. Most of these should be available on POOL or from your favorite record pool.  

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