Video Report – Episode 10: Mailbag (Pt 1)

Well, here we are at Episode 10! I know it’s been awhile, but we are back and will be dropping a lot of episodes soon, so get ready… In this Episode we answer a lot of questions from the mailbag and talk about what’s new in the video world and much, much more. So get ready for this crazy ride with us on VideoReport!

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  1. Great Episode guys! 

    Question: In Vegas, it is to me pretty straight forward how to import in and render out video in its proper format and such, and for most VJs, the final output format you select straight from Vegas is what you will be using as your video file, however, going the next step, when creating a DVD in “DVD Architect”, there seems to be no way around re-rendering the “whole” video again, a second time into the MPEG-2 DVD format to get it to disk. I know if the original Vegas render isnt in an Mpeg-2 DVD format, it has to re-render to Mpeg-2 if you intend to burn a DVD.

    In other words, after the final render in Vegas, if you want to further put your video to DVD utilizing Architect with custom Menus and such, the video has to further render to MPEG-2, which is a second render from the first render straight out of Vegas. I’ve noticed a slight degradation of video(very slight) after the Architect render pass due to a second unavoidable render. I’m just wondering if there is a work around or something I’m not doing right from the initial render back in Vegas.

    It just seems to me that no matter what format you render the video to out of Vegas, Architect always seems to want to render it again, even if it is in MPEG-2 format already. I understand Architect has to render all the “New” stuff such as Menus and added stuff that wasn’t previous rendered in the initial Vegas render, but it seems that Architect wants to always render the full video file, making the initial Vegas render go thru a second render pass. Either way, the quality loss isn’t really a huge factor if the source video is immacculate from the start, like you guys mention in the episode, however, it seems to me fustrating that DVD Aritect always wants to re-render the prevoius rendered stuff to DVD. Any Advice would be helpful! Thanks!

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