Video Report – Episode 10: Mailbag (Pt 2)

We continue where our last episode left off. We answer a lot of questions from the mailbag and talk about what’s new in the video world and much, much more. So get ready for this crazy ride with us on VideoReport!

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    Rane Sixty Eight 2nd gen

    1. Better soft, and responsive buttons all around
    2. Magnetic Channel Faders with adjustable tension and INDIVIDUAL Contour Curve Control
    3. Center the Channel Strips- Right now they r off center and it bothers the shit out of me
    4. 3 Band EQ for the mic channels
    5. More LEDs in the PFL Meters- Right now its a bit hard to ‘fine tune’ Instead of the 7 LEDs/ Channel (5 Green, 2 Yellow, 1 Red) make it 15 LEDs/ Channel (10 Green, 4 Yellow, 1 Red)… STILL KEEP CURRENT IDIOT PROOF WONDERFUL GAIN STRUCTURE, Just add the LEDS
    6. Better More Intuitive Effects- Be able to lock out parameters we will never use such as 1/2 beat flanger ( I personally would only leave 8 or 16 beat flangers available maybe a 4 beat one if that. same goes with phasers etc.
    7. Better Sounding Effects engines- Filters to sound as good as A&H, Flanger to sound better than PIO, etc.
    8. More Effects- Pio has 13 on Board, why do we only have 6… I really want to know…. I don’t want to ever rely on computer taxing software effects ever, and we should out do the competition
    9. Sound Color Effects- Expand on the channel filter and offer a bit crusher and the other 2 pio effects
    10. bring Back mixtape
    11. Ability to route the SP6 Sampler to the ‘Main’ Output = Post fader perhaps even? EX. route to ch. 1,2,3,4, CF A, CF B, SESSION IN, MIC 1, MIC 2, MAIN

    This will perfect the Mixer in my eyes, Its already starting off dope, just looks and feels a bit rushed and now has stiff competition with the pio 850, 900
    I would pay $2800 for this mixer for sure, $3200 if they call it the rane 69 (immature plug)

    Serato (as a program)
    1. Ability to go back to the old GUI (one with round PFL in Program Meters- this is 3/4 the reason I never wanted to upgrade past 1.9.2)
    2. Stability I heard after 2.0 stability became a problem- this is no bueno and hurt consumer and long time customer confidence
    3. Ability to turn off features we don’t want (think this is possible already- just hope even with them turned off they don’t tax on system performance)
    4. Off line library management plug in (duplicate detection, mixed in key, play count detector, album art finder, auto tagging, audio vs video library scanner~ tool that sees if u played an audio track with no video of a similar name in library and crates it, etc. got 99 thousand ideas) $150/ plug in value
    5. multi column sorting EX- SORT primarily and 1st by BPM, Then by Key, Then By user preference (artist alphabetical order, genre, track length, whatever)
    6. many more but I am tired… but basically make sure us with large (over 2 TB libraries) still can use it with so so macbook Pros

    1. Take the best features of VSL that everyone liked, combine them with the best features of Mix Emergency and then put them together and try and get them to run right

    1. Bring back Mixtape
    2. Have a user tutorial program that explains ableton and serato and just really like an idiot proof crash course available online $350/ person value

  2. Where is the Tutorial at the end of the video :) looking forward to that

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