Weekend Recap – Dj City 3.0, EDM Clowns, MIK & Video DJing

In today’s recap we rundown our weekend events, from prom’s to college parties, remember MCA, discuss DJ City’s new look, laugh at a couple funny remixes, call out the clowns in the EDM scene, read the new book from Mixed In Key and get into the topic of the week, video DJing.

Mixed In Key Book – Beyond Beatmatching
No Breasts, No Requests
Enrie’s Gotye Remix
@@’s Levels Remix
Dj City 3.0
EDM Clowns
Jordan Laws Video

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  1. I am not even halfway through ur video this week and I’m crack’n up… 1. DJ City…didn’t know u didn’t have to comment anymore and I’m sure they appreciate my “OK” “nice” “sick”. 2. Heard that @@ today, I thought anthem kingz was being serious on their post so I had to comment that I hope they werent serious…they replied “No man, this is def a peak hour mix LMAO” too funny…

    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. I got a question for a topic actually…we’re trying to promote our team from DC into Baltimore this next and upcoming week… (DMV Hit Squad)…how do we go about (in a nice and professional way) saying hey, what you have here for a DJ is good, but we can be better…(if that the case)…or even promoting yourself as a DJ I know you’ve touched on this before (I believe) but just thought this topic would be interesting to see what people do because 80% of my residencies in DC and College Park are because I’ve known someone that works there or known the DJ and made my way in…the other ways have been me bringing myself in, talking to the manager and showing them my mixes and promising them ________….

  3. And now I feel like I’m over doing this here but I just started mixed in key probably oh I duno 6/7 months ago. Makes a big difference and I went basically the steps that Spring describes in my learning process…I do have one problem with mixed in key though. It sometimes has 2 (or 3 or 4) different keys in one song and the majority could be a 2A but the intro could be a 6A and I have found that some of these when they are set in serato DO ACTUALLY only show the 1 key (2A) and it can be a shocker when your trying to mix in because you’ll sit and be like “ohhh somethings different here” then you go back and the cool thing with mixed in key, is you can pull the file up and look at how they break it down, just unfortunately its not 100% but is def a great program I love utilizing it and have learned quite a bit about using it…like going up 7 keys for a hype. Just a different and helpful tool.

    • Thanks Prievo.  We’ll have to cover the promotion thing on the recap again soon.  You’ve hit the nail on the head for the method most people use to get in somewhere… Know somebody!  lol.  If you don’t, do some research online, find out who’s in charge and shoot them an introductory email/message.  That way they’ll already have a feel for you when you show up at their club looking to do business.  Definitely bring a demo with you.  If you can show successful promotion of past parties, that will help.  

  4. Derrick Carter, Dennis Ferrer, Mark Farina and countless of other REAL djs who don’t use gimmicks are still consider the tops of the underground music scene. Now Paris hilton is going on a dj tour? That’s what I was talking about sooner or later the real celebs with real gimmicks and more money will beat out the smaller mask wearing acts.

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