Edit Edition: DJ X-MIND

Yessss….another Thursday (or you could say early Friday)….and that means another EXCLUSIVE edit at Remix Report!  Today we present an edit of a DOPE new remix by CrooklynClan.net’s DJ X-MIND.   This is the Candle Light Remix to Jason Derulo’s latest smash, “In My Head”.   X-MIND actually took advantage of his musical background and played the piano on this!!  It took him a couple hours to record, but as you will see, his hard work definitely paid off!!  This is my own personal edit of X-MIND’s mix, where I just added a mixable intro.  The song comes in at 115 BPM and transitions to 128.  I feel like this track would really be good towards the end of the night.


Jason Derulo – “In My Head” (DJ X-MIND Candle Light Remix 115-128BPM) (DJ Jay Spring Intro)       Download Here





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  1. thanks xmind and jay spring

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