277 – Dubstep Playlist

Dj JD’s Example:
Nero – Reaching Out
Nero – Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
Usher – Climax (Vaski Remix)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
Party Squad – Pull Up 2012
Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem
Kanye & Big Sean – Mercy (Stratus Dubstep Remix)

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  1. Both Playlist sets sound great! Both your sets incorporate flawless transitions. Spring, this is a nice way to incorporate some Reggae flavor within the current music trends, utilizing Dubstep, as both genres with the right songs have that bounce to them.

    To transition in and out of Dubstep, say from Electro House, there are a couple of ways I go about it, however one way that works great for me is utilizing a noise “riser” buildup with a 1 bar(4 beat) space (on tempo) before dropping the Dubstep breakdown, similar to the way in my remixes. Sometimes I will add a short phrase within the 1 bar silence similar in fashion to how Skrillex transitions within Scary Monsters, Nice Sprites.

  2. DJ Darth Fader

    My Go To’s Are:
         Dev – Bass Down Low (Proper Villians Remix)
         Three Six Mafia – Stay Fly (Candyland Remix)
    I’ve Gotten Out of It With:
         Jay-Z & Kanye – Gotta Have It  – In The Same Key as Stay Fly

  3. sometimes ill play Leave the world behind (dimitri vegas & like mike remix) then on the breakdown ill speed it up, then play leave the bass cannon behind (ohh snap bootleg) slow it down to sync the vocals, drop the dimitri vegas remix n go into the bass cannon edit, thats one way of going into dubstep for me. i have a levels to skrillex remix aswell, (forgot who made it),

    one of the best ways ive come out of dubstep is with “n in paris” mixing it from the dubstepish part (dont let me get in my zone part) then going back to jay’s first verse, and going into 70bpm hiphop/trap. i also have the “feel so close” Quest and Dawe nero to OG transition. to go into house. i made short goes straight into the verse and trans up to 128 i believe. 

  4. Nice examples guys.

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