Video Report 11: WMC VJ Battle, Bag Review & Stand Review (Pt 1)

This week Joshua Carl & Eloy are back at Rock & Soul for a 2 part episode people have been asking for since day 1. Touching on the recent mishap at the WMC VJ Battle and some other video DVS news they dive right into reviewing 5 bags right off the shelf…

Part 2 Will be up Next week where they focus on Laptop stands.

Share your experiences with these bags in the comments!

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  1. great episode guys once again. Eloy i can fit a crane stand in my UDG with a 17″.

  2. I love the show, just wondering… Is $500 a night (4 hours) fair Video Dj pay or is that the start of undercutting?

    • ¬†thats a fair wage, but its all relevant to the market your in.
      500.00 on a saturday in Vegas could be considered undercutting if the DJs before you were making 750.
      where as if your guy in town doing video in Anchorage Alaska
      you could easily say your making a killing.

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