Video Report 12: WMC VJ Battle, Bag Review & Stand Review (Pt 2)

This week we have the 2nd half of the Rock & Soul NYC gear reviews. The Video Report guys jump into 5 Laptop stands as well as guess what the weekend in NYC will be like, although the footage makes it pretty clear what happens when Jameson comes to the party.

As Promised, here is the Link to Joshua Carl’s HD Afro Circus Video

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  1. Crane All The Way. I Am Using The 13″ Macbook Pro!

  2. Great show as always guys… Will be getting a Crane in the very near future. Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable iPad stand for positioning over a mixer? I would love to get a second Crane for it, but just can’t justify the cost.

  3. i’ve used the odyssey laptop would always be wobbling and it wasn’t portable. i also had the uberstand. it was little bit more stable, and i never had a problem with it tipping over without the ziptie. then i got the crane. portable, configurable and extremely stable. all the other stands are jokes. Crane ftw!!!

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