Weekend Recap – Dj Perks & Dj Beefs

We highlight our events over the weekend including the first beach party and running sound for a dance show. We also talk about the Pauly D/Deadmau5 Twitter beef, a local DJ battle and ask you to help us list the perks of being a DJ in our next Topic of the Week.

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  1. someone gettin married? congrats JD!

  2. Just gonna throw this out there…if you love your job as a DJ and you are arguing with the girlfriend you live with and she says to you, “I feel like you love DJin’ more than ME?!” and your answer is…”Umm, well, no babe it’s about the same, but I’m not going to choose.”  But then you DO choose, and you choose HER and cut back on your 4 weekly residencies for a Career that has benefits, consistent pay, retirement etc…you may still regret it.

    This happened to me but because I have always kept great relationships with the places I have DJ’d at and my new career (Baltimore City Firefighter), I have one of the best things going for me. I work 2 day shifts (out by 3pm) then two night shifts. Then 4 days off. So out of the 8 days I can DJ 6 nights. Because I can go to work and take naps, relax, and do music to catch up on personal things as long as my work for the city is done first.

    I regret my choice everyday especially because the goal of most of us is to become “THE BIG NAMED DJ”.  I learned recently thats not why I DJ anymore.  I did the whole “Fake it til you make it” thing and thats why I think I’m so intrigued by your videos you guys post. You cover every type of DJ out there and show that people still make mistakes and we are all human (like trying to echo out a transition…as if I dont do this once every couple months; smh).

    Needless to say I no longer am with the girlfriend (who I was 2 years in and very close to getting a ring for) but regardless, giving up DJin as a whole, whether its as a wedding dj, bar or nightclub, the BEST thing about DJin, and although its selfish, is the reaction.  Your art, your talent, and your “ideas” put into work to get the reaction from the crowd and hearing that “OH!!!” from them or the singing along during that volume cut, makes the difference.  Thats what we are basically are artists. And I dont mean vocal, R&B singing artists, I mean artists like a painter. Painters do their job and it’s their “ZONE” and they do it for a personal satisfaction but also when they have their art shows and see the reactions of clients and customers, its the external to internal satisfaction that drives you to do better but make your job SO much more enjoyable.

    Thats what I would miss. Aside from that and the usual, free drinks etc…being able to go to work and have friends/family come hang out with you and being able to party and actually TRULY enjoy your job, you can’t beat it. Point blank.

  3. I never really started thinking about the perks til you guys brought it up. I’ve been going to clubs on a regular basis for so long I stopped thinking about it. I get free drinks all the time, never pay a cover, get to jump the lines when they’re wrapped around the block. Really I get to kinda do whatever I want! Granted I am always respectful of how it looks to the club owner and managers, try to dress like the patrons, and never cause problems. This just proves that I can never go back to a “normal job”! Here and there I do freelance work as an audio technician/stage hand but thats hardly “normal”, and that’s even more relaxed. The hardest thing I deal with is helping wedding clients and getting the details I need before the wedding.

    Those gel mats are lifesavers! I’ve used them at networking events for like 8 hours, and life is good!

    As for those local DJ battles… they’re almost always serving an ulterior motive. Radio stations do the text thing to farm phone numbers. Clubs use them to pack a slow night. Unless the organizers are really committed to making it fair, I feel like they’re only worth doing if you think you have a shot at winning to build your resume like you guys said. Otherwise it’s just another night hanging with a bunch of DJs.

  4. Like another commenter posted, I too never really thought too much of receiving the abundance of perks we as DJs get in this Industry. For me the perks sort of built up from little things like having your favorite bartender fulfill your drink needs to as time went on, the free admission, to just walking in the club hanging with your fellow DJs in the booth on your night off, etc. As my gigs became bigger in nature(i.e bar residencies to club residencies, it was obvious that the perks would become more abundant.) 

    Having said that though, I humbly enjoyed every moment I ever had working with or along side someone famous. I always and still do maintain a Professional working level weather it is a Celeb or a local, to me the status is second and what is more paramount, is treating someone with respect first and foremost regardless of their status. 

    One of my most memorable jobs was some years back where I was hired as both a Resident DJ and a Live Sound Engineer for a theme park in which both the in park nightclub and themed show I was to work were brand new to the park that year. Since being the parks first year opening such a club, I was very instrumental on helping getting it up and running, consulting primarily on sound, lighting and the like, and what gear I requested the club have that I would be using. Prior to this gig I had several years of Club Residency experience, and I was hired on those grounds, to bring that experience to the park. Not seeing them so much as Perks at the time, I saw them as huge advancements and opportunities within my venture in this Industry.

    I ran live sound for a 40 minute themed show for close to 12 hours a day, which included morning mic/sound checks before other employees arrived, making sure wireless battery packs were fully charged and filled with batteries, etc. then on weekends I had the club gig within the same Theme Park, in which I had to also do nightly soundchecks for prior to opening the club. During the days when we would have Celebs, Artists, or MTV filming the club for guest apperences, I had to utilize my 1 to 2 hour breaks between the live sound shows and golf cart across the park to do sound check. It was just me, and a host of Park Execs/Promotions people who were use to working in the office, relying on my suggestions for the most part. To me that was the biggest perk, having my Manager confide and call on my expertise and having trust in me to pull of an event this big and having it be successful. I was their only goto guy, and it got VERY tireing and the migraines I would get, but it never stopped me once from giving up my passion for this. It was this gig that I appreciated being the OCD person I am. That in itself paid off for me wanting everything to work out just right in this first year run of the club!

    I was use to at my club residencies, the usual Celeb guest DJ or Host come to the club here and there, work along side or open for them in that manner, but this was similar to working on a movie set, and having so much going on everywhere, and timing to pull it all off “live” was key, in actuality it was like performing a live play or concert, all in timing and although it took a team of us to sculpt the events, it was on me to make sure the timing was there. My perks included doing question and answers with the then MTV VJs, and one of my favorite perks was when DJ Skribble was scheduled to perform one night, I believe it was our grand opening weekend, and he was on Tour promoting his new CD. Like with all the big events that were hosted, I had to run between my downtime on the day Live sound themed show to the opposite end of the park to the club area and perform sound check, making sure  all levels and such were set for the various events, which sometimes had 2 to 3 hosts, Artists per night. So the day of the Skribble soundcheck, I was to open for him, he was to do his DJ performance like he does, then I believe MTV stepped in to do some question and answer that I had to host, followed by me playing during his autograph session. It was to me at the time, an honor to play out his autograph signing, but I was more worried about it all going off without a hitch, after all my point was to make him look good at the signing, the focus had to be on him for that time, and not me as the DJ, to say the least I was privileged with how much the park believed in me to help be so instrumental in all of this, and rely on my consulting, even to the point of having me go to the onsite hotels where the celebs would be and have me drive them next door to the theme park in the theme parks golf carts, which I was allowed to use anyway in the park, but to transport Celeb DJs and help carry their crates of records(yes records at the time)may seem to some like taking advantage, but it was quite the opposite, I was hired in on a contracted job to a group who needed someone in the Industry who knew it enough to work in that environment. It was more like trust. They needed to trust me to be their for the Club/Park, as these guys were 9 to 5 executives that knew what headphones were, but had no idea you couldn’t use dollar store headphones to DJ with, lol. Another perk was when the park allowed me to also run live sound for 2 famous recording Artists(which I wont mention here) There performance was digital, although they sang live to the music, so I had to transition from my DJ set to introducing them up on stage, to working their mic levels from a small outboard mixer. I always felt a feeling of honor and was grateful and saw it as just that but never really at the time saw them as perks, however as I reflect back, those events re-run in my mind, and yeah, now I can see them as perks. I had the great opportunity to work in Film/TV, Radio and Clubs over the years, so even though I have seen and worked with my fair share of people within the Industry, it never gets old, and is always an honor to do so if and when the opportunity arrives!

    I left out the perk of getting girls, because I never came into the Industry to get girls. I came for the love and passion of music, and started out as a mobile DJ, which you usually don’t have the girl groupies hanging around your booth at a mobile gig, as much as we do in club gigs. As I transitioned to club DJing, I knew that the perks of girls hanging around DJs were bound to happen, and it sure did. The usual regulars who came to the booth to buy “their favorite DJ” a drink, and then ask to hang out all night in the booth, to the girls asking to hold their pocketbbooks and belongings, like all DJs, it happened. I even had one girl in the booth who wanted me to go with her to her car, in the middle of my set…um Hello? I sometimes don’t believe it, but I don’t let that obstruct what I’m at the venue to do, and that’s to play music for all. 

    I’ve always held tight strong bonds with my fellow coworkers, (that’s a great perk right there!) and some of my close friends to this day happen to be either DJs, Bartenders, Hosts, and Dancers from within the Industry, be it they are mostly girls, they being in the same Entertainment Industry know what its like for a DJ and how hectic it is, so a lot of them like the single life as well while they do their thing, so they can focus on their career to maybe help support a relationship down the road. Currently, my relationships with girls are just friends because I saw how my past played out with girlfriends, getting called to fly out the next day to do a gig in another state, and having them either upset or not understand why I had to go, or if they could go or not. When your life is so fast paced, In my opinion, unless you can swing it, its not fair to the girl to be put 2cd in a relationship you have with music that you put first. My way to avoid that now, is to not have a relationship. 

    In the end, Perks in this business are just the best, and really shouldn’t be taken for granted, as we as DJs and within other parts of the Entertainment Industry, we are our own boss to some degree, its all in what you make it :)

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