284 – Show Me Love (Bodybangers Remix)

“Show Me Love” is possibly the most popular house song of all time. Everyone can sing along to it and it’s been remixed MANY times, especially in the Mash-up era. But it has been a while since a dope new house version has come out. No Germany’s Bodybangers crew have released this big room, “Epic” sounding version.

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  1. Sounds a lot like Sandro Silva and Quintino’s “Epic” with stabs from “Show Me Love”. Still pretty dope.

  2. Very good call and point regarding the Big Room vibe this track has. I definitely would agree. 

    Playing a mix like this say in a local hometown bar might adversely get you yelled at by the crowd lol. Kind of reminds me of the point Spring used to bring up about how you don’t want to be caught of guard playing a Dirty Dutch banger at opening with 3 people at the bar, and your club system is pumping out 50,000 watts of high piercing synths at 9 p.m.! lol 

    Djs just starting out who yet to fully grasp the whole Remix etiquette on what versions to play when and where, could use your example on this song as a good case in point :)

  3. no disrespect intended but this remix is a fail imo. this is one of those songs that is so classic that you have to be very tasteful in how you approach the remix and not including the lead melody is absurd. then again i guess some of the younger club goers might not be familiar with the og

  4. I’ve been playing “Show Me Faithful Love” (Lyrakill Dnb Segue), which has been getting an awesome reaction every time. It goes from “Be Faithful” into the original show me love and then goes into a Drum & Bass Remix of Show Me Love.

    I found the remix on remix-chart.com and it has been super useful so far. Its a nice way to get from 100bmp old school to 85bpm. I can imagine Jay Spring wouldnt ever use this transition because it is one of those “Segway” transitions using two different songs, which I normally don’t use (but I had to make an exception for this one).

    I have been following it up with the DJ Phlipz “HOV Holds On” (Jay-Z vs. Rusko). Have u guys heard this remix?? Let me know what you think!

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