Weekend Recap – Dj Deville LIVE from the future (China)

Dj Deville joins us live from China, where he’s in the middle of his 1 month residency at Mynt.  We find out who the 30 richest DJs are, how to mix songs on soundcloud, apologize to Rane and find out if you all really play what your crowd wants.

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  1. Definitely a great Recap. Deville makes real great points to many issues residing within this Industry!

    Regarding a loss of Emotional connection within music these days, I’ve felt this for many years now. As much as this digital age of music is a great ally in many ways, including promotion and the mere speed to getting your music out and heard, on the other side of the token, it has become an adversary in some respects. That adversary has been defined in this recap, and that is a degrading music connection that some of us may have. Sometimes, the general public, or non-DJs are overwhelmed and over saturated in hit after hit without being able to connect a memory or form a bond to a particular song because most want to stay current and up to date, so when a Pop Artist releases there next single, the public is already on that new single bandwagon. 

    As mentioned by you guys, in the Vinyl days, tangible music such as a record, or even a CD with an actual Jewel case, liner notes and sometimes a photo and Bio booklet, allowed a music lover to cherish and feel more of a connection to it as a whole, and become somewhat of a collector, with there tangible Vinyl and CD’s to show for it. As DJs, our equivilant of that in today’s Industry is a couple of hard drives full of Terabytes of Music that just sit in this sort of non-tangible digital realm which we take for granted. Deville makes a great point of this in his comment of how nowadays its just so easy for someone to come up to you and ask for a mirrored copy of your hard drive or USB drive, versus when you would purchase a piece of Vinyl, (pre CD-R recordable days), that piece of Vinyl was yours, and at least from my past experiences, I really cant recall a time when my peer DJ friends in the Industry asked me if they can borrow a couple of my crates for the evening on the regular. Each DJ was conditioned to the point where they enjoyed going on the hunt for records that were different as everyone could buy some of the same 12″s’ from their local Mom and Pop Record stores, most of us also went that extra mile in either traveling to the city or somewhere other than your home town to try to seek out some special imports or white labels that may spice up your sets. All of that has faded in this digital age, and even though the Internet age fused with MP3s have helped DJs/Producers and Remixers leaps and bounds, the passions we once were seen as having, granted those same passions still live within every one of us, however in a non tangible digital age like today, those passions aren’t seen in the same manner anymore by the masses who look in on us. 

    As far as remixes being released to soon, as in the case of Gotye, Adele, etc. A Remix released literally the next day would benefit a Club Dj in the respect of being able to have your audience crowd here this track they otherwise would not be privy to in a Club setting, so in those cases, a fast remix release that almost parallels the original can benefit in most cases. 

    As far as releasing single after single without allowing the hit to actually marinate with the public and fans, I can see both sides. In the end though, a healthy spaced time period between releases may be more beneficial, however, Record Companies know their buisness, its what they do day in and day out, so they are the ones who have to make the educated guess into what they think is best for their Artists success financially. If they feel the public getting restless, the Artists career could be in jeopardy, therefore not allowing ADD to set in amongst fans would have them overwhelming the senses and releasing a fury of singles which actually allow the Artist to become bigger in a short period of time by creating a huge buzz. These are just my opinions though, and there are calculated guesses and risks within the Music Industry, and what might have worked in the Vinyl days(releasing at a slower pace) may actually have an adverse effect in these Digital times(releasing at a more aggressive pace:) 

  2. Very good weekend recap; you guys and Deville were bringing the DJ gospel on this one.  You always keep things in the most sensible perspective.  Nice ideas on the EDC trickle down. Squid Attack!

  3. Great recap guys. 

  4. Really enjoyed this interview!  Can’t wait to check out Squid Attack!  lol

  5. Squid attack is pure craziness! Deville, your tracks and edits are absolutely epic and I can’t tell you how many of my crowds have been bathed in your remix glory. Great interview, I always look forward to these. 

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