286 – Mercy (Dj Mad House Remix)

Kanye West’s “Mercy” is the hottest Hip-hop track out right now. Dj Mad of “Put Your Drinks Up” fame just dropped this dope house remix of this track for your uptempo sets. Take a listen and see if you want to add it to your set!

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  1. dj mad… hes done many nice blends in the past, and this 1 is dope too, but i promise myself never to buy from his website again because of that stupid sean pual drop, why pay 2.99 for a track that’s tagged, very unprofessional, i brought it up on his facebook and he unfriend me

  2. I would like to start by saying thank you to you guys for posting and analyzing this mash, I really appreciate it to the fullest, And now i would like to reply to Dj Casper.

     Sorry to hear but the truth is that i don’t put my name on my mashups, the only ones that know that the drop is me is “DJs” and thats the point, Most dj’s love playing other’s mashups and they go as far as saying that they did it. Think about this “Jay z, Dj Khalled and the whole music world mentions their name on records and you play it with no problems”Here i’m tagging my “work” with something that is not even my name and you have something negative to say!
    Come on man, You play Dj Khalled’s music and he says his name way louder then me.
    Sorry to say but i wouldn’t change one thing.
    If is your work you have all rights to tag. 
    I in the other hand, DoN’t have any problem playing other dj’s tags as long as the mashup is on “Key” unfortunately that’s  something most don’t know much of “CDEFGAB ANYONE”

    FYI: If i unfriend you is because of how you approach the situation, i’m too busy to entertain nonsence.

    I mean no harm by this, i’m just replying to your negativity AGAIN!!


    @c899b7d28a7891f4bbe113aeb32a25f2:disqus THEY WANT IT WITH NO TAGS SO THEY COULD CLAIM ITS THERE “/ SMH 

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