Video Report 13: How to Augment Twitter/Quartz, Live Iphone Cam & News

This week Joshua & Eloy are back in Boston for some news and some highly requested tutorials on how to augment the Twitter feed quartz file, as well as a how to use the iPhone as a live video feed at your gigs. Enjoy the vehicular rants of DJ Eloy as he takes on a white wine fueled journey through Quincy Massachusetts…

Up Next: DJ Sessions Interview & My first night as a video DJ.

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  1. Good stuff this week.
    Smash city, smash smash city. Wendy’s Bitch!!!

  2. Another excellent video. And tell Eloy to stay off the sauce.

  3. Josh, i was about to ask if you could make me a twitter, but ya posted the inklen link….Thanks again!! Tru 


  5. I like how Eloy is still concerned about you recording at 16:9 even though he is smashed.

  6. yo having troubles getting the feed to show up if u could show step by step how to make it visible in ME after DL the plugin u kind of skip that 

  7. need exact name for the mobile app there is a ton of them in itunes 

  8. which one is the Free App? the Mobile Web camera is 2.99 so if people want to use it do they have to pay for the app?

  9. goto 51:10
    Thats how you switch in between different Quartz files.
    if you have never loaded an Image or Quartz file in ME before, its as simple as dragging and dropping it into square box under the ENABLE button.

    The app is 2.99 for users…desktop is free.


  10. Something I didnt mention in the video:
    when you do the Mobiola program; another cool feature is it records and saves
    the video feed sent to you in your movie folder!!!


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