Weekend Recap – Deadmau5 is NOT a DJ!

This week we’re joined by Miami’s Dj Supersede to discuss this weeks hot topics. And this week certainly hasn’t let us down!

We start off by talking about our weekends, including DJ Supersede playing at the Miami Heat celebration party and Dj JD’s trip to PA to play with Gregg Nyce at Building 24. We get into the Dj Expo, Redbull 3style US championship, Swedish House Mafia’s breakup, Paris Hilton’s debut DJ performance, Flo-Rida’s new songs, Deadmau5 blog post, Steve Aoki’s Rider and last week Topic of the Week: Is it possible to release remixes too early?

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Building 24
Gregg Nyce
Dj Expo
Redbull 3Style
Four Color Zack
Swedish House Mafia Breakup
Paris Hilton Debut (TMZ)
Paris Hilton FAKE “Train wreck” Video
HipHop Snobbery
Deadmau5 Blog Post
Steve Aoki Rider (Harder Blogger Faster)
Steve Aoki Explains Rider
EDM Snobs

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  1. I’m not sure if Jay Spring was being sarcastic or maybe I misunderstood, but theres some really good remixes of Somebody that I used to Know…the best one is the dBerrie remix, the most energetic one is the Hyper Crush remix, but the one that gets alot of attention in the clubs and Supersede talked about it is the Anna Lunoe & Chris Bagraiders Mash that mashes levels and Gotye….hope that helps!

  2. Definitely a great Recap/Interview with Supersede! 

    I don’t feel I have to reiterate anything said in this episode from either JD/Spring or Supersede, as for the topics that were addressed, I couldn’t agree or have said them better!! I suggest to all to take the time out and watch it all :)

    One thing I will say though is that Supersede is right on the money in regards to  Gareth Emery. I’ve been watching this guy rise for a bit now as well, and his Productions and Musical compositions are on point and amazingly well Produced. I myself come from a Progressive Vocal House/Progressive Trance background as far as House goes, and Gareths’ style updates a lot of those older elements and infuses contemporary elements to his tracks. I personally like Saga more than Concrete Jungle. Saga does a good job on breaking down into some old school Trancy elements and synths then gives you that SHM buildup into a more current sound. I especially like the short but effective “NI Massive” sounding dub wobble going into the 2cd breakdown. Saga has such a HUGE explosive Big Room feel to it that sounds amazing in a Big Room Club setting, and if not convinced, turn to his video of it for some inspiration :)

  3. You avoid the pitfall of the “DJ Identity Crisis” when you realize that you shine when you let the music shine. This is, and always will be our core job.

  4. You avoid the pitfall of “The DJ Identity Crisis” when you realize that you will shine when you let the music shine. This is, and always will be our job.

  5. Once again, great recap and commentary.  I wonder how much time I’ve spent listening to remix report; a lot.  Thanks Spring and JD.

    After this recap, I finally broke down and looked at the leaked riders.  Part of me definitely had a “man thats being a bit of a Diva” reaction.  But then again, I’m sure most people would be that way if they could; especially since it is expected when u are as big as Afrojack or Kaskade.  I wonder how big you have to be to legitimately begin to request these specific hospitality items in a rider.  Perhaps JD could provide some insight.  You wanna know who’s rider I wanna see….Laidback Luke…see how ‘Laidback’ he really is haha

    • Thanks for watching David.  

      Any traveling DJ has some type of ridder.  Usually a technical rider to make sure the club has the correct equipment.  I think to really go hard into the hospitality part you have to be making $5k, $10+.  If they’re willing to pay that much for the artist or DJ, they’d probably be willing to go the extra mile for the hospitality rider.  Of course, there’s no set standard here. Laidback Luke was really… Laid Back, for lack of a more suitable term, when he came to Shrine.  Very nice and took pics with everybody.  His rider wasn’t too crazy.JD

      • Djs also if they have the means and connects take these riders and use em to their benefit. I work at a 1200 capacity cl;ub had the oppurtunity to open for Snoop twice B.o.B and some other artists and was in charge of finding equipment for their djs in some cases. after a couple times of being handed a check for $400 to rent pioneer cdjs from another company i decided to purchase the cdjs and rent out myself. Worked for me being in a small market Pioneer cdjs arent growing off of trees in my area..

            Also aboiut the Deamdmau 5 blog. i agree with his assesment that b igger name djs are button pushers example David Guetta however alot of house djs are more producers than djs. His statement that all djs are button pushers is a joke. I would challenge him to do what A.m did live or guys like Jazzy Jeff Z trip and such do live. I think hed find out real quick not all djs are button pushers..

  6. about whether deadmaus is a dj or not:

    it depends on how often you do it and what your intentions are.

    take this example: if Joe paints his house, would he call himself a house painter? No, probably not. he might’ve done an excellent job, but since he only did it once and he doesnt intend to do it again, he probably would not introduce himself as a house painter.

    Ok then, how about if his neighbors see what a good job he did and they offer joe a fair amount of money to  paint their houses and he paints one a week for an entire summer? people would get to know him around the neighborhood and people who saw him but hadnt met him would probably say, “there goes the house painter.”

    But is he a house painter? Probably not. His intention isn’t to be a house painter, he’s just painting some houses.

    Ok then, what if Joe already has a job? What if his job is that he is an abstract painter? What if his paintings are in the finest museums in all the biggest cities all over the world?

    Would you call him a house painter then? No, you wouldn’t. He is a fine-arts painter who just happened to be painting houses (as unlikely as that may be!).

    So what does this prove? Deadmaus and all the other PRODUCERS who ARE JUST USING DJING TO PERFORM (and didn’t DJ before), ARE NOT DJS. In fact, if they had a better way to perform on stage, they would probably never DJ again.

    You CAN dj without being one.

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