Episode 028 – Switching Up Your Residency

Today we get into how you can keep your residency fresh.  Playing for the same crowd every week, it can be hard to constantly bring something new to the table.  We’ll discuss a few things we’ve done to help us along the way.

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  1. Great insight. I’ll put it to you this way. Its 1030am right now, I am at work and Im logged into my Serato, working on different stuff to drop tonight during open and closing sets. The Middle/PEAK HOUR stuff stays the same, cept you can always switch the order, progression and spice the set up with classics as well. If you are a DJ who values your position, You are out there thinking of new and creative ways to stay fresh, esp. in a residency situation. I know the staff knows all your mixes in and out. Shock em! Shock the crowd too.

  2. another good post, ive started the night a few way yall talkd about. at one of my residencies i would start with rock in the 100-110, like sugar ray fly, jack and diane, in the air tonight (discotech remix) and kinda work my way up to chill house, then when ppl would come in i would go with stuff like morgan page, and september, then go from there. and for the end of the night i would bring it down to the 80bpmss, chill stuff and what not , i would say the most out there song i ever ended the night with was summer girls-lfo, did the trick, but alot of girls kinda stayed back, but after it ended it wasnt a problem, lol

  3. “Baby Come Back” by Player is a good end of the night song

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