Weekend Recap – DJing is EASY

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t left you, without Remix Report to… watch. Due to JD’s computer trouble, we weren’t able to put out episodes last week, but we’re BACK! Today we talk about… computer problems, Dj Vice’s 6 traveling tips, the branding of EDM Dj’s, Dj Prievo’s request form, A-Trak’s response to Deadmau5 and more.

Dj Expo
6 Vital Dj Survival Tips (Dj Vice)
The Branding of EDM (Billboard.biz)
Down To My Last Request (Dj Prievo)
Don’t Push My Button’s (A-Trak)
Hey Dj, Fuck You!

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  1. Your “3 amigos” night had me wondering if this is an increasing trend across clubs…Djing in pairs / trios. Here in Winnipeg,MB Canada, I’ve been noticing it more and more that clubs have been having DJ’s split sets for an entire night. Is anyone seeing this in their areas?

    • Two of my buddies that I used to, well I say “produce” with, but we never really got into it or got a grip on it, do two shows a month together and it produces great results for them. Obviously they split the pay but the more they do together and bring more people to one location rather than trying to separate and compete, they can start to ask for more money I’m thinking…I’m still consider myself too new in the game to try to boast myself but its def crossed my mind and think it would be a blast actually.

  2. Rabbit was Em, aka Jimmy lol. Anyways, entertaining recap as always. Respect

  3. Be careful with the caffeine before you go to sleep. I did that for years, almost every day for 2 years in college, and it ruined my stomach. I stopped drinking coffee and redbull for a few years, and just recently started drinking red bull again. Now I live on 5 hour energy, but I’m conscious about not overdoing it.

  4. Nice Recap!

    Echoing what JD read from what A Track was mentioning, I was just reading a write up Deadmau5 did with Guitar Center (Find it online or in the latest buying guide). Deadmau5 went on to say that he tries to replicate what he does in the studio, live on stage, but on stage there is a lot of smoke and mirrors to pull it off, and many things obviously need to be pre programmed ahead of showtime and such to work on the fly when he is performing. He also stated that truncating his studio sessions into a short live performance set is the only way to keep peoples attention. He said nobody wants to watch him create a song from start to finish and watch the progression for 14 hours or so. Funny thing is, he said he did just that, web cammed himself Producing a full track from start to finish in 14 hours…I wonder how many stuck it out. I occasionally catch his live rants from his studio off Facebook here and there, and they are a pretty entertaining way to take a break from music at times!Spring, I had at the beginning of the year posted on Facebook about the exact same thing you mentioned on Twitter, and had furthur shut down my Twitter account for a bit then. And you are right on point. They initiate following you, so then you feel guilty into following them for good karma and such, then when they notice you follow back, they unfollow you. 

    This is how I use to find out if that scenerio was playing out. Seems complicated, but once you know how to do it, it is quite simple and fast. http://tips4pc.com/twitter/how_to_tell_if_someone_is_follow.htm 

    I use to have my Tweets protected, and when your Tweets are protected, you have to approve them, so I would, and your scenario played out time and time again, so much to the point I shut my account down, lost all my contacts… I’m not a huge fan of Twitter..too much spam, reminds me too much of what Myspace turned into with people spamming you just so you would look at there stuff…Now Soundcloud is getting a lot of that too….Nothing beats your own personal business website! Plain, simple and Profesional!

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