296 – Party In The U.S.A. (Wideboys Remix)

This weeks Hot Remix is a Dj Jay Spring “sleeper” classic. You wanna get the girls on the dance floor with their hands in the air? Play this track! You wanna raise the energy in your opening set without burning the headliner? Play this track!

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  1. Almost got my roommates thinking I was rocking out to Miley Cyrus as they came walking in while i was playing this video lol…I duno if this is something I could use but I see you said “opening” set, so hell I’m gonna give it a shot…never before had heard this version before either so…who knows, worth a shot, i’ll post back the reaction cuz sitting here I cant picture myself playing it at all so…i’ll post back after the weekend. Thanks guys.

  2. +1 This version always works

  3. This has been my favorite remix of this song to spin the past 3 years, other than my own remix. It worked well in primetime back when it was all the rage, and definitely works as an opener now as you said. Hands down the best dance remix of Party In The USA out there.

  4. So I was just watching Denmark vs Sweden in Olympic Handball. About 75% of the players on the court look exactly like JD.

  5. Guess I wasn’t the only one who knew about this lol. I almost feel like when I play it, the reaction it gets from girls actually does make the haters keep quiet.

    Prievo – If it’s a college crowd, it even works primetime :)

    Chief – maybe JD missed his calling


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