302 – Moombah (Munchi Remix)

Munchi is known for his Moombahton tracks, so it’s only fitting that he uses one of the key Moombahton ingredients, “Moombah,” to venture into the realm of Trap music. Everyone agrees, Jay Spring included, that this remix is SICK! It adds a bounce to Afrojacks remix of “Moombah” that you never thought was possible.

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One comment

  1. I just started playing the “Damage” trap remix of “Rattle.” Went over pretty well. I used a transition that I got from Club Killers that took me from the original rattle up into the trap remix. Great way to get out of a house set and freshen things up with new sounds. I dropped Nigga’s In Paris right after to keep people going. I can’t say I was a huge fan of trap at first, but I’m starting to like the sound of some of these remixes more and more. I get sick of playing the same down south hip hop songs and these trap edits satisfy that underground feel with that gangster bounce of hip hop.

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