Weekend Recap – Talking With J Farell

We got one of our favorite up-and-coming producers on the line for today’s recap. We discuss what it’s like to be a full time producer, how trap music has evolved and if Jay Spring should be playing “Gangnam Style”. Don’t miss it!

J Farell Tutorial

Serato Updates
Craze Outs Kontrol K2
SHM Tour Dates Announced
EDM Snob Says Goodbye

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  1. What Camera and Software are being used to create tutorials? Thank you

    • Honestly, I used my iPhone 4S, a tripod mount, a Blue Yeti Pro Mic, and Final Cut Pro. For the bigger stuff, I partner with Magic Rabbit Productions. But in a pinch at 2AM, I was like “I’m gonna make a tutorial video” lol

  2. In other news Four Color Zack won the redbull thre3style world competition over the weekend. here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFngtJ7KYGE

  3. Where does J Farell get his vocals/remixes?

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