Video Report 16: Atlantic City 2012 DJ EXPO Pt. 2

Atlantic City 2012 DJEXPO Part2 from Joshua Carl on Vimeo.

Video Report hits the road. This time we are down in Atlantic City for the 2012 DJ Times DJEXPO. As you will see in the video, thanks to Promo Only we were able to interview a bunch of musical artists, some are well known, and some are up and coming. Ya Kids, Fatman Scoop! This is just part 2 of the interview, so stay tuned to Video Report!

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  1. Is this still a thing? You guys used to do these Video Reports regularly. I particularly enjoyed your product reviews and you seemed to have some inside knowledge into industry stuff. Especially in the weeks before Mixemergency 2.0 was released. I think you posted 4 videos in May ’12 but, now I’m still watching drunk people in a loud club from September. (no diss to Fatman Scoop. That dude is rad). You kinda have an opportunity to provide some real insight and information for the video DJ’s out there. With NAMM coming soon and Serato giving away their video plugin to anyone with the nerve to mess with it, there’s gonna be a new generation of video DJ’s that previously were only using Itch or Intro. Plus us SSL guys need some guidance. Not to sugar coat it but I started with Mixemergency 2 years ago and had no idea who was the real deal in Video. I was still jacking A-Trak’s mixes and pretending that I would be more famous than him one day. Please post more videos so I can be just like Joshua Carl and Eloy and jack your steez instead. Lol. Actually, show me how to be original and innovative and tell me what gear to buy on your Video Report! NOVICE VJ’S NEED GUIDANCE! Get to work. p.s. I know you guys know some shit about ME 2.2.

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