Weekend Weapons!


Gonna start this week off with a special treat from our friends at mixaloop.com.   This is the 31st volume of their acapella loop series and it includes over 100 quantized acapella/hype loops.  SOUNDCLOUD PREVIEW HERE.   Great way to start off this batch!

www.mixaloop.com Acapella Loops Vol. 31 — DOWNLOAD HERE


Next we have a super sick flip of the Darude classic “Sandstorm” courtesy of Mister Black (The Unknown).  Nice chops and added synths on this one — and no reason to expect anything less from one of our best and most consistent contributors.

Darude – Sandstorm (Mister Black Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


As we mentioned in Tuesday’s episode, our friend Digital Dave has been killing the disco house mashes lately.  Here he’s back with yet another smooth disco blend.  This is his take on one of the hottest pop tunes at the moment, “Good Time”, by Owl City and Carly Rae.  Dave threw it over an awesome Madeon production and the result is a great feel good track.

Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen Vs. Madeon – Good Time (Digital Dave Disco Fix) – DOWNLOAD HERE


And now for a totally different take on the previous tune, here is DJ Serafin, who threw it on top of a sick Audiobot dubstep beat meant for the Biebs.  Not sure if Serafin did it on purpose, but it kinda made me laugh when it says “Its always a good time — as long as you love me”.  Oh and btw, Serafin also has a bonus track for all the weed smokers this week….peep his trap mix of the classic “Music Sounds Better” as well!

Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Audiobot – Good Time (DJ Serafin ft. Kid Cut Up Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE 

Stardust – Music Sounds Better (DJ Serafin Trap Mix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Good to see Brian Armand (ElektroKatz) armed with a brand new Soundcloud page :)  And he’s got some new heat so it looks like you are the ones who are gonna benefit from it.  Here’s two dope remixes from Brian that may be a little different than what you were expecting!

Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (ElektroKatz Flip This House Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE

Adele – Skyfall (ElektroKatz House of Dub Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Got some bad bitches in the building?  And they enjoy shaking their asses to uptempo remixes of hip hop?  Perfect!  DJ Phlipz is back with a nice upbeat bmore-ish mix of “Amen”.  Dope!

Meek Mill ft. Drake & Jeremih – Amen (DJ Phlipz Remix) (CLEAN) — DOWNLOAD HERE
Meek Mill ft. Drake & Jeremih – Amen (DJ Phlipz Remix) (DIRTY) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Now we welcome yet another Weekend Weapon veteran back….Mr. Mike Gloria.  Here he takes on Kesha’s latest hit and turns it into a dope progressive sounding tune.  Great work on this one!

(And for a bonus, peep the Calvin Harris/Example blend Mike did with newcomer Tommy Tunez.   Love this blend because they flipped it to fit the beat perfectly.  Just sounds meant to be.)

Kesha – Die Young (Mike Gloria Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE

Calvin Harris ft. Example – We’ll Be Coming Back (Mike Gloria & Tommy Tunes Awooga Blend) — DOWNLOAD HERE


DJ Ah Yeahh has been on his grind, and he’s also got a mix of “Die Young”, but this one is a little bit heavier.   Ah Yeahh keeps some elements of the original and then flips to a nice electro break.  Thanks to this and Mike’s mix, you guys & girls now have two options and can play this one at different times of the night.

Kesha – Die Young (DJ Ah Yeahh Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Ahhh, look who it is hiding behind his laptop.  When our friend DJ Skillz isn’t busy giving exclusive Bryan Adams acapellas to Cova N’ Mo Rada, he’s been concentrating on his own original production game.  This time, he’s got a fresh remix of Maroon 5’s latest smash.  And if for some reason you don’t enjoy the remix, hopefully you enjoyed the super-cheap plug to make sure you’ve watched the Cova N’ Mo Rada interview from this past Weekend Recap and downloaded the “Summer of 69” remix :)   Sorry for hi-jacking your post for this Skillz.

Maroon 5 – One More Night (DJ Skillz Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


DJ Trayze returns to the Weekend Weapons section this week.  You all know that song “Clique” that seems like it may be the next big hip hop tune?  Now picture it on steroids.  Enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean – Clique (DJ Trayze Remix) (Edit Pack Zip) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Now onto a dope blend from The Architect Davey B.  He put the popular Usher downtempo single over the classic Fugees instrumental (while giving the beat a little extra umph as well).  Clean and Dirty edits included in the zip.   P.S.   His twitter is not @DjDaveyB “manager of lap dancing club”.

Usher ft. Rick Ross – Lemme See (Davey B Ready Or Not Blend) — DOWNLOAD ZIP HERE


Now our very first remix of Diamonds, and assume it won’t be the last!  DJ Pete Down makes his return and he’s given Rihanna latest smash a nice uptempo club rework.  Dope track for the end of the night!

Rihanna – Diamonds (DJ Pete Down Club Mix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Gonna close out this week’s batch with a couple trap tunes.  Our boy J Farell, who we interviewed not too long ago, was kind enough to share his submission for the Example remix contest we held.  He did this one before trap really blew up, so it probably didn’t get the love it deserved when he first released it.  Now it’s time for you to take another listen!

Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me (J Farell Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE



Last but not least, our friend DJ Deville has a special gift for you.  It’s a trap/tribal break he put together simply entitled “Titties”.  Kinda speaks for itself.

 DJ Deville – Titties — DOWNLOAD HERE

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