Weekend Recap – 5001 Friends!

Great discussions today about played out songs like “We No Speak Americano,” Ultra Music Festival being extended to 2 weekends, Spamming on Facebook and we ask, “where do ‘normal’ people get their music from?”

Four Color Zach Wins Redbull Championship
Ultra Music Festival Extended
Steve Angello Talks Breakup
Yolanda Be Cool Recall

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  1. In regards to your discussion on the stigmas that can be created around either one hit wonders or even like you mention on “Levels” and “Americano”, many Producers, especially in the 1990s, I have seen them frequently change names (aliases) from one music project to the next with great success. By doing so, they were far less able to get “typecast” as that Artist or Producer who made that one hit wonder. I can give you many examples throughout the years of Music acts who did just that, and some of us danced to these tracks like they were new music acts coming out, while in reality they were the same Producers utilizing different aliases to get out different genres or styles they wanted to experiment with.

    Just look up Todd Terry. Most Main stream listeners might know him from Producing the popular Mainstream Remix to Everything But the Girls “Missing”, but in the late 80s he also did the music to Jungle Bros “Girl I’ll House You” and remember the Gypsymens “Hear the Music”. Everyone DJing in the 90s was pumping “Hear The Music” out in the clubs! That track was just different enough from Todds signature Drum pattern, that even when I was spinning it, I had no idea that Gypsymen was actually Todd Terry! He also had other aliases to channel his Productions as well!
    Look at Chocolate Pumas “Just One More Time Baby”. Chocolate Puma is a Dutch Duo who believe it or not are the same 2 guys who gave us the early 90’s hit “Give it Up” by the Goodmen. In fact Chocolate Puma was the Goodmen. After all these years they hit us with another track, refreshed there musical ideas under the moniker “Chocolate Puma” and there you go!
    I find many Producers more so in the 90s than now have practiced this in part to not get that stigma attached to them as an Artist like you guys mention in the video. I’m not sure if that is why Avicii decided to also use his “Tim Berg” and “Tom Hangs” alisas though, as his music style still sounds quite similar under any of those names.
    Regarding Facebook, your insight into why Facebook is know implementing Personal page Promotion is pretty much how I view it as well. I as well feel, to alleviate the clutter and spam, they are charging a specific price for you to promote stuff with say a link or key words like JD mentions. IMO, the fact that they are charging might be to weed out free to post spam, while they may be thinking that, if someone is really serious about all of their friends or fans seeing a certain post, those people wont mind paying a small fee to have it seen by all, versus just a spambot spamming walls with link after link for free. Most who pay, know they have a greater chance at their post being viewed.
    JD, as much as I hate to admit it, music services thru cable TV, say like Music Choice are among some avenues “non DJs” find out about these tracks. I’m not saying it is the only way, but a way none the less. As a DJ, I agree with Springs observation, when we are in deep search of either a track, a certain format or genre, we usually have our direct focus on the Club and what we think our club goers want us to be pumping up in the DJ Booth. Usually, in my down time, I’ll go ahead and put on a Music Choice type station, and I’m amazed on how much new stuff is being played, the different mixes and DJs who are featured, and from that, you can gain some good stuff, as well as the obscure!

  2. I ment to also add to my previous comment, that a service like Music choice or any other streaming music service where you can pick your station format, that has a great track record of playing up to date music plus in addition play future club hitters as well as the obscure and some blasts form the pasts are great alternatives to contrast with what JD was talking about, where many do not have the time to research the You Tube sidebar all day. These services are great to have on in the backround as you are say getting Housework done or downtime where backround music isn’t a distraction! These services that are automated to play music such as a radio station,non stop with no commercials really give radio a run for their money because Corporate run radio these days has to stick to a Top 40 “Whats Hot Right Now” format, so unlike in the old days where you might hear several throwbacks, these stations are great alternatives. The 80s stations are great, as they sometimes bring back a track you may have totally forgot about, and perhaps spark up an idea for a remix!

  3. I think the association factor can be a big thing for songs.
    I think PSY’s track blowing up right now is a perfect example too, so heavily associated with the film clip and the dancing in it and I’m sure a lot of people identify it with rip off versions all over youtube.
    I’m sure he’ll have nowhere to go from there.

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