Weekend Recap – Dj Mag Top 100 2012

It’s that time of year again. The DJ Mag Top 100 has just been released. Who’s at the top of the chart this year? Find out that and also see leaked screenshots of Ableton 9, the new Serato DJ software, hear Deadmau5’s latest rant and more!

Dj Mag Top 100
Ableton 9 Screenshots
Serato DJ Screenshots
Deadmau5 Vs. Forbes
Crookers Breaking Up
Dada Life’s Next Plugin

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  1. This crate organization thing just came up elsewhere online so I just made a writeup of what I do (Skip to the bottom for the cliffnotes version):

    I play very open format, and have subscriptions to several record pools, and a large collection of music from my early years of DJing that I never really organized fully due to the size of the library. Currently I take any new music I get and it goes into iTunes playlists and folders. Every record pool has its own folder (Ex: Promo Only, RPM, DJ City, Crooklyn Clan, etc.) and in each iTunes folder I have everything sorted by date in the format “YY MMDD” (Ex: 12 1022). Some days I add 50 files, and some days I add 5, but I can usually remember when I added music in relation to what I got before and after it. For music that I didn’t get from a record pool, I have a folder called “ADDS”. Anything in this folder is organized by the same structure with some small additions. Like before, the playlists are organized by date. I still buy a lot of CDs, especially if I have a 12″ LP of the album, to have a better digital copy than a vinyl rip. When I rip a CD, I rip it to FLAC format and put that on my archive harddrive with the correct ID3 tags. Then I convert the FLAC file to 320kbps Mp3, and then import that CD to iTunes with the format “YY MMDD ALBUM-NAME”. If the music was bought on Amazon, or anywhere else then I just throw it in the playlist for the date in iTunes.

    All of my playlists that I actually play from are created inside of Traktor. I try to run everything through mixed in key before I import them into Traktor, but that doesn’t always happen. The only time I may add a song to the Traktor library directly (bypassing iTunes) is if I get a request from the client on the fly, and I am able to get online to download it. Then I throw it into a folder on my music drive called “CLIENTS” which is organized with sub-folders with the name “YY MMDD Client-Name”. In these cases I try to go back and bring them into iTunes later, but even if I forget to, my iTunes library and this folder full of client music is all located on the same external 2TB HDD so it never gets lost.

    So heres the short version:
    All music on external 2TB HD. Root folder on the drive contains:

    – iTunes
    – Clients

    iTunes organizes everything for me. Clients is for on the fly adds that essentially need to be processed thru iTunes and mixed in key later. I use Traktor Scratch Pro 99% of the time so I import music from iTunes inside of Traktor. My playlists root folders are genre specific. For mobile gigs/weddings I just look at the “Album” field to tell if a song is clean (If I got it from RPM or Promo Only, I’ll play it at a wedding, otherwise I don’t chance it since I dont know ALL the lyrics to every song by heart)

  2. ADDiCT (Club HeadLiners)

    Thanks For The Shout Out Guys… LoL…

  3. Great episode, BTW, I 5 starred Remix Report over on I tunes!! Hope it updates, because as I did it, it said Thank you, but didn’t update your star rating in real time. Maybe it will update soon though!

    I’m pretty much on the same page as to what JD had to say regarding playing for the Bride and Groom. Its a tough place to be in, but I think the best choice is to use your experience and expertise in determining what to do. No doubt JD is a kickass DJ, both club and mobile,(Not leaving you out of this Spring, just referring to JDs situation here, lol) and JD seems to be pretty well seasoned as a Wedding DJ from the many he has done, so with that, I’m sure if there was any negative talk from Wedding guests, it would quickly be smoothed out within the family, stating that you were specifically playing what the Bride and Groom had requested you to play. Most families understand that, and some really do realize that its the Bride and Grooms day, and the music playing must be what the Wedding Party has asked for, and further proof of that is that you had them dancing for a solid 45 minutes. So I’m sure the Wedding guests got it!

    I’ve been in similar Wedding situations, and like any DJ, I like to pull out all the stops. In my situation, I was asked to play Club type Top 40/Dance Open Format. The Bride and Groom gave me specific songs to play, and told me to leave it open for requests, but whenever I could, try to keep the music cutting edge and dancable. They basically wanted the BPMs fast and the music loud for the dancing portion of the night. I had suggested to them what I thought would probably work to bridge the gap between the many generations of guests that would be there. Knowing that I had the O.k. for a specific style of music, I left certain songs as a surprise, one of them being my 2010 “Aint No Sunshine” remix. The Wedding was probably similar in fashion to any other Wedding with the many different generations attending. All the traditional dinner music and traditional Wedding dances were pretty much as usual, so when it was time to really open up the dancefloor, I played what the Bride and Groom wanted, and that was to get that club feeling going musically. About a couple of tracks in, as you probably can expect, the older generation of guests initially had smiles on their faces seeing the younger generation having a good time dancing, Soon though, those smiles got drowned out by the loud pounding of this House vibe that was the theme of the night. I quickly went into what I had planned to do from the get go, and that was continuing the Top 40 House vibe while adding the 60s, 70s, and 80s to it. Thats when I turned to the “Aint No Sunshine” remix, and other Remixers tracks that had a similar feel, and that seemed to help a great deal. The Aint No Sunshine provided the energy needed in the breakdown while providing the original to shine thru until the buildup. Those type tracks got me thru, and I even had some of the Bride and Grooms Grandparents come up to me with a smile and say they never heard the older tracks mixed up like that before. I dont know, they might of thought I was mixing those remixes live, when I told them they were remixes done by a variety of different Remixers who specialize in doing this, at that point I quickly realized I was getting too technical with them when their response was “Oh, thats neat” and they walked away with a smile, lol!

    I know JD from other episodes has used this technique with mashups and House remixes of old classics if and when the DJ gig would call for it, so I guess its all relative to what the gig requires you to play more or less!

    As far as organizing crates, I’m very much similar to the Jay Spring school of organizing. I too started off making actual hard drive folders, then from there, crates. Before knowing better, like JD said not to do, years ago, I would….say I had an 80s Dance folder and an 80s Rock folder. The original 80s music would go in those 2 folders respectfully. However say I got a 2010 House remix of an 80s classic. What I used to do is put it in my 2010 House folder, and also make a duplicate copy and put it into my 80s dance folder as well, that way I felt covered in any situation, although at the expense of taking up more space than needed on the hard drive, lol!

    Nowadays though, I try like many to be organized (OCD will do that, lol) however I must admit, it gets away from me as well. My new folder still has January 2012 stuff sitting in it. My new folder is the first place everything new arrives at, until at a later date, I can properly tag and or organize it into its proper folder. Just need to get working on that a bit faster though. Glad I’m not the only one falling behind :) Like Spring said, though, overtime you get use to where everything is so its not so much of a hassle. Its what I call an “Organized Mess” :)

  4. I have a clause in my contract for weddings that says I maintain complete creative control over the music. If people question me, I tell them this is my business and if I perform to get more business. If that isn’t good enough I tell them I may not be the DJ for them..

  5. Just wanted to say that I ALWAYS think that my Serato is not organized enough. Now that Jay Spring admitted that he only has 12 crates I feel much better about my organization LOL..


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