315 – Temperature (Playlist)

Sean Paul’s “Temperature” is arguably one of the most popular Reggae songs of all time and will be played in clubs for years to come. Here’s a few examples of how we mix it into our sets.

Dj JD’s Example:
Temperature (Funkymix)
Horny Temperature (Dj Sizzahandz Remix)
Sexual Temperature (Dj Jay Spring Remix)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
Jook Gal (Remix) (DMS)
Temperature (DMS)
Calabria (Beat Thrillaz Remix)

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  1. The segues on Springs example work very well. Good choice of classic song selection to include there! Very well done!! Wow, havn’t heard the Maxamillion version of Sexual in a while. Sounds like a very cool mashup Spring!

    JDs example is also very well done! JDs mix Kind of reminds me of the classic old school mixtapes you would get that featured the same continuous Riddim thru out the whole mix, while only the vocals changed over the music. Using various mixes to accomplish this was a standard practice, and I think JDs example kind of brings that back!

    This track can definitely work both in opening and primetime. I have used it both ways on occasion. As a primetime player, it works because when your crowd is drunk and singing along, this track fits the bill!

  2. I say JD’s is definitely a dope opening set. Spring’s is dope as hell for primetime! Another version of Temperature from the mash-up era is the blend of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” over that rhythm/riddim (I’ve always seen it spelled that way so I’m sticking to it, but feel free to correct me).

    Speaking of riddims, question for Spring. Where can a DJ who is teaching himself about Reggae, Soca, and Dancehall music get lists of the popular riddims over the years. Seems like theres always like 5 popular ones circulating over the course of any given year.

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