Weekend Weapons!

Here’s a few weapons for your Saturday night…..

Let’s get this thing started with a dope uptempo rework of one of the hottest Hip Hop songs out right now courtesy of DC’s DJ Soundtrax.  Soundtrax takes Juicy J’s super down-tempo joint and flips it into a dope electro tune that still has a taste of the original.

Juicy J – Bands a Make Her Dance (DJ Soundtrax Remix) (DIRTY) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Now on to another DC representative, our boy DJ Trayze is back with a super-awesome trap flip of “Your Body” by Christina.  Definitely a beautiful thing to have an option of dropping this at 70 BPM.  I know a lot of you guys who feel pressure from the club owners for playing too much hip-hop, and having pop songs at this tempo, along with house/trap, can definitely help break your hip hop set up.

Christina Aguilera – Your Body (DJ Trayze Trap Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


It’s starting to feel like this section wouldn’t be complete without a disco fix from Digital Dave.  By now you should know the deal.  This time it’s Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” that gets the disco treatment courtesy of a Breakbot instrumental.  Enjoy!

Chris Brown vs. Breakbot – Don’t Wake Me Up (Digital Dave Disco-Fix) — DOWNLOAD HERE


Last but not least, here’s an EDM remix that J Farell recently did for pop artist KGB.   The original version was featured on Kinetic & One Love’s album “You Are Not Alone”.  J bumped this one up to 140BPM, so this may be a good bridge track if you’re gonna climb the ladder from house into your hip hop/trap set.  Also, as a bonus, make sure to grab J’s “Snap Backs and Tattoos” official label remix if you don’t have it yet!

KGB – Vecino Del Mar (J Farell Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE

Driicky Graham – Snap Backs and Tattoos (J Farell Remix) — DOWNLOAD HERE

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