Weekend Recap – You’re Not MTV’s Demo

Weekend Recap – You’re Not MTV’s Demo from Remix Report on Vimeo.

We’ve got a hilarious but true video explaining why MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore. Plus today is Veteran’s Day and we’ve put up a link to donate for a great cause. Also, find out how to get out of your bedroom and into the club and we answer YOUR questions, including:

How much do you talk on the mic?
Have you used the DDJ-SX?
What’s the future of DJ products?
Why is Mixed In Key important?
How long does it take to refurbish a TTM57?

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  1. good info I’m 21 and just learning about mixed in key from your show .thanks

  2. Rane will have all repairs done with in 24 hrs after they receive a mixer. It really depends on how you ship it to them. If you over night it to them and pay for over night return, you will have it back with in 4 days. Most people tend to 3 day it to them and 3 day it back, so you will have it back with in 7 to 8 days. Rane is really good with getting things fixed and back to you. Call Rane first and get a PO number.

  3. Personally I think the importance of mixing in key is very overblown, don’t get me wrong I try to mix in key, but I wont mix in key into the 2nd best follow on song purely because it’s in key. The important thing is not mixing in key but avoiding major key clashes.

  4. Great Recap! I think you guys did a great job explaining Mixed in Key on a level that beginner DJs to the game could understand and relate. Mixed in Key should utilize your explanation here as an infomercial for their product! Seriously, well said!

    Spring, you mentioned that you would like to be able to think of something, like maybe Remix Production or controlling volume in a DAW program in a couple of years, well Scientists are already working on that and they say it will be within a couple of years that it may happen. Don’t take my word for it, I saw this program a couple of months back on Discovery explaining, almost verbatim to what you were talking about. Check out the link below from around 17 minutes 20 seconds in to around 18 minutes and 50 seconds. Towards the end of the 18 minute mark, they explain how you will be able to walk into a room and control and move things with just your thoughts! Its pretty interesting!

    Heres the video link:


  5. I also wanted to mention from my previous post that they have already successfully utilized thought process to move an item via electrical wires tethered to a patient. With some paralyzed patients, the patient thought of picking up an item, and a robotic arm that was connected via wires to their head actually got the robotic arm to pick up the item based purely on them thinking of picking it up. Of course the patient had to be connected via wires emitting radio waves, but the concept seems to be working so far. I doubt well see the whole thought process to move something within the next couple of years literally, I think when scientists say “within the next couple of years” they are prob talking more like 10/20+ years out or more!

  6. The place where I DJ has no wifi. Do you need to be connected to the internet for Mixed In Key to work?

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