Episode 034 – Over (Uptempo Remixes)

Today we’re highlighting the hottest remixes of Drake’s song “Over.”

Song: Be Over
Remixer: DJ eSenTRiK & DJ Sega
BPM/Key: 130/B Minor
Where to find it: www.scratchlive.net/forums

Song: Over
Remixer: Dj Hunt
BPM/Key: 130/A Minor
Where to find it: www.djcity.com/digital

Song: Over (Digital Love Remix)
Remixer: Dante The Don & Bobby Lite
BPM/Key: 126/G Minor
Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/dantethedon

Song: Drake Gone Chuckie
Remixer: Bazil
BPM/Key: 130/E-Flat Minor
Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/bazil

Let us know what your playing.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com

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  1. big up to Richard Fraioli also for what he thought would be the Top 10 WMC songs.

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