Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights

Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights from Remix Report on Vimeo.

We answer some of your questions in our in-depth discussion on how to prepare for a genre specific club/bar nights, such as Rock or Reggae. We also touch on some DJ news and talk about a London Dj agency scam!

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Remix Sets For Traktor F1
One Last Tour Final Stop
Serato DJ Review
Top 25 DJ’s That Rule The World
Dj Agency Scam

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  1. Great advice here guys. I googled top miami bass songs when I was first starting out, to build a decent collection. Jay Spring reminded me of searching for that, so I did, but with latin/reggaeton. I only play out a few days a month (working on getting more time) and I feel like my latin set is getting stale. Time to beef it up, as well as my other sets since I’m not playing this week.

  2. That was awesome guys. I will be updating my library with more rock and country very soon. I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time.

  3. hey jay spring have you seen this? http://seratoface.tumblr.com/ haha you’re in good company!

  4. You’re incorrect about Serato DJ and how it’s tied to hardware. What DJTT means is that with Traktor you can plug in any midi controller and it will work. However with Serato DJ (and ITCH before it) the software is locked unless it detects an approved hardware connection.

    To use Serato DJ you must have the software and approved hardware (which right now is only the DDJ SX) but with Traktor all you need is a software license and you can use it with whatever you want.

  5. Thanks for the all the hard work though guys! It’s appreciated!

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