322 – Million Voices vs. Apologize (Thomas Gold Bootleg)

322 – Million Voices vs. Apologize (Thomas Gold Bootleg) from Remix Report on Vimeo.

Thomas Gold is one of the must watch house DJ’s this year and this bootleg is an example of why. His creative transposition of the “Apologize” vocal into “Million Voices” is exactly what house music needs right now. Don’t sleep on this bootleg.

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  1. great pic of this bootleg..it’s sad to see alot of copy cats trying to duplicate this mans bootleg…not sure if he’s the first to do it but got my vote for doing a incredible job….

  2. If you guys wanna hear another good bootleg of “Million Voices” please check mine out at soundcloud.com/tommytunezmusic

  3. funny i actually just downloaded this bootleg a couple of days ago after hearing another dj play it. the segway is amazing and great job on the creativity

  4. Heard this version first when David Guetta had a concert in Manila last month. He played it after dropping another bootleg of Million Voices with Fix You of Coldplay.

  5. Where can I get this track? It’s not on record pool yet, can’t find it on Beatport either.

  6. He didn’t release an official version of it btw. But there are a bunch of reboots of it on soundcloud

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