Weekend Recap – You’re In My Space!

After a weeks absence from the Recap, we’re back with another great conversation about all things DJ!

Blast Off Vol. 4
Mix Vibes video Plugin
Review of DDJ-SX (Dj Tech Tools)
Daft Punk – 25 Live Sets
USB Theives
Deadmau5 – Event Driven Marketing
Calvin Harris Blasts BBC
EDM’s Bubble Will Soon Burst

Dj JD Time Lapse @ Black Bear (Hartford) 12/1/12

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  1. Great recap guys!

    This may be a stretch, but it is an analage, so I will use it. Listen in the video to what Spring mentions about the song “Metropolis”, as he uses this as just an example to the gazillion other tracks out there that albeit they have great “Production value” and quality, they also get lost in the book of obscurity as time moves along, especially 20 years out into the future.

    I can most definitively see his point. This song “Metropolis” which is today a huge banger in clubs and does well when played in a high energy bottle service type venue or anywhere EDM and House formats are embraced, but what Spring is asking, will it be a future banger? Probably not based on several factors. The song is great, and moreover Produced by David Guetta and Nicky Romero. Both are respected Producers within EDM/House Music in general, but when your talking about Mainstream success and you had to remember 10 to 20 years down the line of tracks of this current era that you either listened to or danced the night away in a club, then your average listener (and I’m talking more Mainstream fans, not the hardcore EDM fans) will probably name like JD and Spring mention, Guettas “Love is Gone” and if I had to guess what song would be remembered by Nicky, I would say “Toulouse”

    So my analage refers to Mr. Thomas Edison. Edison is known for many inventions thru out his life, but the one that most always comes to mind when hearing “Edison” is the lightbulb. Everyone knows that, and when trivia comes up, that would be a common answer if asked about what he invented. Now I’m not saying that people who know Edison don’t know about his other inventions. I’m just using it as a comparison to “Metropolis” where as if you asked someone who only knows Guetta in the Mainstream to name a song he did, they may say “Love is Gone” or quite possibly “When Love Takes Over”, but to hardcore fans and frequent EDM clubbers, they know a whole wide list long of songs he has Produced and likewise for Nicky Romero’s remixes as well. Same goes for Edison, some may not realize that besides inventing the lightbulb, he also invented the motion picture camera, and the phonograph (to which we as DJs should tip our hat to) I’m not even saying that people don’t know of his other inventions. I’m sure most are well aware of his other inventions, but in pop culture and more so in history, Edison has always been synonymous with the light bulb.

    I think the same thing happens all the time in music, and even in movies, Artists and Actors alike are remembered by their most predominant works within Mainstream to which they are either typecast to that role or known for making a specific song, and all their other great quality Production works go unnoticed or are forgotten as time moves along.

    Bringing it back around to EDM or House Music in general within Mainstream. EDM festivals have definitely provided a venue for more and more music exposure that gives the ability for Producers to leak exclusives at the festivals for Radio and Mainstream to embrace months later. Festivals for fans are like what JD and Spring said, a whole Musical experience, but for Record Companies looking in, they see the popularity of it and try to embrace tracks that seem like will be future heavy hitters within Mainstream. This is the time and era we live in. Festivals have always been around, weather in Rave form like in the late 80s and 90s or like in its current state, and just like the 70s gave us Woodstock, anyone who was there or knows someone who was there, will likely hear about an overall experiences of good times with friends and great music, and they will most certainly be able to pick out and name the top songs that emerged from Woodstock.

    To JD and Springs point of remembering music of today, as far as these EDM Festivals are concerned, if and when they do disappear from within the Mainstreams eyes(probably always around in some shape or form for the true fans) like JD and Spring mention, in 20 years from now they will be recalling upon them as great “larger than life” musical experiences they had while naming some of there favorite tracks, which very well may be the most played, well known hits of our current era.

    Also, I feel the musical era we now live in is quite different from the 60s on up to the 90s. Thanks in part by the technology we embrace today, versus what we had back then. Social media and the Internet provide a lightning fast way of experiencing new music, and on the other side of the token, for what it would cost one to book an hour block in a pro studio in the 80s, one can buy their own midi controller or keyboard to get things started and Produce a track. That brings in new musical material onto the playing field everyday, so no wonder kids of today wont be able to remember every track played in the club or on radio today. If you are of MJ, Madonna, Prince, Britney status,(including so many other Artists) there is a place of rememberence within History for you. I wonder though if Carley Raes “Call Me Maybe” seeing its poularity today and how it is so predominant within music today, I wonder if songs like that in 40 years will be remembered, just like songs from the 1970s which was some 40 years ago that we still know today!

  2. Regarding ‘The Blast Off 4,’ it’s CRACK. Jay Spring, I typically agree with most of the arguments that you make on this site, but one thing I don’t agree with is you thinking it is acceptable to produce a ‘DJ’ demo mix in a DAW. You see, most produced DJ mixes sound like a regular DJ mix. If you produce a mix, it should have some above and beyond shit. Now the Blast Off 4 is a produced mix, and the mix is one of the tightest and most creative mixes I’ve ever heard. They even took time to warp some vocals to match the bounce of the beat. If you’re not gonna make the mix live, then take a note from the Rockit Scientists and add some real life creativity that you couldn’t do otherwise.

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