Weekend Recap – Do NOT Play That!

It’s been a sad weekend in our neck of the woods. We discuss the non-DJ events of the week as well as more DJ’s kicked off the decks and Deadmau5 engaged?!

Dj JD Radio 104 Mix

Dj Jay Spring Radio 104 Mix

Dj Scene Twelve XII Twelve Mix

Deadmau5 Engaged
Tiesto Leaving Ibiza
Shiftee Shows Off Z2
Dj Shadow Kicked Off
Tommy Sunshine Interview (Vibe)

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  1. Jay – How many people who want to murder someone say “oh.. let me go get a license and make sure this gun is LEGAL, so i can go on a killing spree”? Gun laws have absolutely nothing to do with criminals and guns. Taking guns away from everyone doesn’t take guns away from EVERYONE it takes guns away from people who obey the law. So you’re telling me if one of those teachers or principle had a gun and stopped that kid and saved other’s lives, that he or she shouldn’t have had that gun? Criminals will always have guns regardless, so making guns illegal only takes away the opporunity for people to protect themselves from criminals. Which makes absolutely no sense. Thank about what you are saying.

    – Dj Eastwood

    • Hey Eastwood, JD here. I think that’s a very good point. While tough gun laws do make it more difficult for people to have access to guns in general, which I think is a good thing, it by no means makes it impossible for criminals to get their hands on them. With all the guns out there already, it’s way too late to do anything in most cases. Even if these people didn’t have access to guns, what’s to stop them from using other means, such as knives or explosives. That’s an even scarier thought. While I appreciate the core of Spring’s stance, it’s a pipe dream and I think we should focus on reality and what’s truly possible. Unfortunately there may be nothing that can ever stop all of these events from happening. -JD

      • To Jay’s point, if
        the tools needed in order to perpetrate a mass murder had been more
        difficult to acquire, more expensive, harder to use, less effective or
        even impossible to get in the first place, there would’ve been a higher probability that the killer wouldn’t have
        done what he did, or the results would have been significantly different.
        The same day this happened, a crazy guy stabbed 22 school kids in China.
        Same location, same motive (crazy), same victims. But a different tool.
        And a dramatically different result. They all survived.

    • So you guys are saying that if guns were made illegal (and only available on the black market), that the exact same number of criminals would have them as when they are legal?? Think about what you are saying :)

      I’m not sure how much I buy into all the mental illness aspect of this, but if it is true, it sounds like these kids flip flop from being normal and being evil. If that’s true, then I think making guns harder to get may give them a chance to cool off.


      • I’m pretty sure we all agree that making guns harder to obtain is in everybody’s best interest. -JD

        • I think the best way is regulation, not removal. Cars kill people everyday whether accident or with intent, but we don’t remove cars away from the world, we regulate with speeding and traffic laws. People still speed, people still drink and drive, the answer isn’t in the removal of firearms or adding firearms to teachers, it’s in regulations as well as helping those who need help.

          • What up Prievo…..the thing is…..cars serve a practical purpose. Guns only have 2 purposes: 1) Killing or hurting 2) to practice number 1

            — Spring

          • Guns are illegal in Mexico so only the criminals/cartels have them and the police. Look at Guadalupe y Calvo. Everyone seems to forget that this kid illegally obtained the guns he used. Murder is already illegal and that didn’t stop him. Also, most people don’t know the definition of “assault rifle” and the definition of “assault weapon”. Simple cosmetic similarities can attribute a rifle as an assault weapon. You can ban 30 round mags but does that solve anything? If they’re going to kill, why would they not break the law to buy an illegal 30 round mag or just buy 3 10 round mags? I don’t know that there really is an answer to this. Even the president said no law or set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every single senseless act of violence in our society.

          • Not sure I buy the “criminals are gonna do something whether it’s legal or not” argument. In that case, why make anything illegal? — Spring

          • You’re basically saying why make rules for anything when you say “Why make anything illegal?.” This easily brings us to your beloved sports metaphors. Why have rules in baseball? It doesn’t stop the players form using steroids even though they’re against the rules. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be banned, just because not everyone is going to follow the rule.

            Laws (Rules) are there to give people a framework to live by and to have methods in place to hold people accountable for breaking those laws (Rules). Laws have never stopped crimes or evil form happening, but they do make normal people think about their actions. The people that commit these acts are not “normal” people. The premise that we should only make laws for crimes that nobody will ever commit again is beyond flawed.

            It is a fact that there will be criminals out there still selling and buying assault weapons and 30 round magazines, but making them illegal will have the benefit of making these things more difficult to obtain. I think we can all agree that’s not a bad thing. Will it stop this from ever happening again? No, absolutely not, but it at least gives us a chance at reducing the frequency of these events.

            If the shooter in Newtown had 10 round mags instead of 30, there would have been precious seconds while he reloaded. This may have given an opportunity to overtake him or been enough time to save even one life.

            Instead of making blanket statements and responding with questions, why not move the conversation in a useful direction and suggest changes that are practical and could actually help?

            My thoughts:
            -Ban assault weapons
            -Require background checks for ALL gun sales
            -Require an additional license to own more than 2 guns


          • Good discussion guys. My honest opinion is that the only way to attempt to deter/prevent this situation from happening again at a school, is to allow teachers in all schools to carry concealed weapons if they choose to and give them training. There are some schools throughout the US already doing this.

            I am a gun owner and I can confirm that if the so-called assault weapons were banned, it would make no difference. The Bushmaster he used is a semi-auto and he could’ve accomplished the same with any non-revolver handgun.

            As for background checks, we already have that in place and the laws vary from state to state. Again, in this case it wouldn’t matter b/c the shooter didn’t obtain the guns legally.

            Requiring an additional license is sort of the case that we have now in NJ for handguns. We need to apply for a permit for every handgun. After we get the permit which takes a few weeks, we go to the store, pick something out, another background check is done (NICS) instantly and this applies to long gun purchases as well. I cannot speak for other states though I think CT is among the stricter states similar to NJ. NY is probably the most strict and yet crime is rampant.

            I believe the places that these tragedies take place are chosen b/c they are (for lack of a better word) easy targets. You never see someone try to shoot up a police station.

            I really think that this needs to be stopped at the root and that is difficult b/c it isn’t always evident what is going on in someone’s mind. In this case, I believe the mother was irresponsible in introducing her son to guns knowing he had social issues. I’m not buying into the video game influence b/c millions of kids play these games and they aren’t committing mass murder. People need to take responsibility for their actions. That’s something that is lost in today’s world. Everyone has to blame someone or something else for X.

          • Yeah you got me there..I guess I don’t have a good enough example to compare… One could use “Alcohol” and the prohibition I guess than. You and I may be able to be ok with alcohol and moderate ourselves (at times) but then others abuse, drive, and kill (themselves/others) with alcohol…does alcohol serve a “beneficial” purpose? Reality, no…none more than a gun does a human being…so its not the gun, its the people. Regulation is the only thing that is compromised. Ridding guns will only affect those who follow the rules. PCP, heroin, both illegal, and yet it is still used everyday by people, who DONT follow the rules basically…it would be the same with the guns. I mean, I KNOW you are a Sons of Anarchy fan…you think guys like that are gonna be like…ahhh shit guns are on FULL ban now in America guys, we gotta switch to smuggling Kool Aid and Leather Shoes…

  2. Just wanted to shoot a quick thanks on doing what you guys do. I look forward to this every week.

  3. I think a good idea for a segment would be to showcase a remix from a remix report viewer. This would be a great way to shine some light on undiscovered talent but it keeps it all in the remix report community.


  4. I think some sort of “Highlight/Whats New” Section (and/or) page may be one way to go! Remix Report does a great, shall I say, wonderful job in reaching out to the DJ/Remix Community to begin with, so anything maybe interactive to get more involved may be another option! You guys usually seem to take care of a lot of this already though in form of your video recaps and highlighting stuff in your note section below the video, so as it stands today, it works, however I know your in the process of re-design, so maybe a different spin or take on what you have now!

    At this moment, I’m kind of lost for additional ideas (lol), as I just myself spent a full week (very little sleep) artistically redesigning my website from the ground up.(and still adding more great features as of today :) Everyone likes to refresh what they have seeing we are soon to be entering 2013! Just as a reference, I took a lot of what I had, and added a bunch of new stuff, but on the old stuff, it seemed that anything that I wanted to keep and continue to implement, took on a life of its own as I went thru the re-design process, so with that, whatever Remix Report turns out to be in 2013, I think I can say for certain that 2.0 of the site will be bigger than it already is! Can’t wait to see the changes, and sorry so vague on ideas at the moment :)

  5. Now that I have watched the recap…(haha sorry)…I have 2 things… First: The reason people say now is the wrong time, is because ever hear the “too soon” joke. Going right into conversation after this by say you and me, no problem, its minuscule, the problem really lies where people like the NRA or those who are in their Rally’s against guns and violence, use this as leverage. Sounds like I’m defending guns, I am but I’m still open minded on it. OF COURSE they want to use this as leverage, they would be stupid NOT to…but if you lose your younger brother/sister, you dont want next day people discussing gun laws, you want your sister/brother back. You want answers. You want to mourn not be bothered…so that side of it I am against those who rally on someone’s loss. Just like the westboro baptist church, F$&K them. I think assault rifles should be banned, I agree with that. But are you serious Spring? Get rid of guns and get rid of hunting? Thats a little close minded man. Gambling has ruined peoples lives, mortgages, families, suicides etc…it serves no purpose but entertainment in the world unless you are successful and win, just like a hunter who is successful and gets a deer, he feeds his family, same results (and you know I play poker so I’m just being open minded here)… So, ban gambling because gambling ruins people, and yes kills people. So the answer is obviously to get rid of gambling. Get rid of hunting. Get rid of drugs. Get rid of any freedoms we have in America, and DO IT NOW. C’mon dude. The only way to work on this is regulation. Second: I totally agree with you on the constitution BUT you need to realize the constitution isnt a LAWBOOK. Its our rights. Your freedoms. (and you wont find me pitching out front of downtown with signs saying protect our rights, i’m just saying its a little bit different than changing a law). Doing something on spite and trying to correct it asap as the REACTIVE country that we are its only going to make it worse and later you’ll find that it doesnt work for certain situations. Something DOES need to be done, but, research needs to be done so its done right the first time.

    Regardless, because I’ve realized there is no changing your mind on ANYTHING so i’m not preaching to you, we will agree to disagree, quick question though…is DM5 a DJ?

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