329 – Danza Kuduro (Playlist)

It’s hard to believe this song is already 2 years old. It still gets one of the best reactions of the night every time we play it. Will this song ever die?

Dj JD’s Example:
Danza Kuduro (Max Mafia Remix)
Molly (Dj JD Edit)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
Azumba (Gregor Salto Rave Mix)
Danza Kuduro (Sagi Abitbul Remix)
Give Me Everything (Dj Deville Tribal Mix)

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One comment

  1. Still one of the biggest tunes on the dance floor. I mainly play DJ Skillz Edit (OG to Salsa to Electro banger) as it gets the job done. When it gets to the salsa part, People get into their dance moves before it builds up into a Dutchy Electro number at the end. Good edit on Skillz’ part. Another version I play is some bootleg with a clap intro and Gangnam Style acapella in the intro. Hit a big TUNE and segues into Danza Kuduro at the same time. ;)

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