Weekend Recap – Is That Your Name On My Remix?

We ponder the ethical questions surrounding bootlegs and much more!

Die Young Struggles On The Charts
Mansion Apologizes to Dj Shadow
10 Hiddedn Serato Itch Tricks
Mixed In Key 5.5
Calvin Harris Goes Platinum
Ingrosso On Dj Sneak
Promo Push

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  1. Guilty of the drunken eq’ing scenario, probably on a few occasions. And as for the new Mixed in Key feature, seems like a cool idea, but there’s no replacement for knowing your library.

    • Definitely agree about Mixed In Key….basically, it will let you know if it’s a slow song or not, but that’s about it, lol.


  2. A couple of months back I did a remix that I sent to one of the bigger pools (who will go nameless) and they loved it. They re-tagged it to make sure everyone got credit even though the tags I had on it should have been more than enough. Long story short, they posted it, and then a month and a half later someone else on the same pool made a different bootleg with almost the exact same composition and all the same parts. I got no credit for them taking my idea, which bugged me a lot. But then again I thought I was original when I made a bootleg of Levels and Don’t Stop Believing (WRONG!). I guess my point is, everyone has to get equal credit on a bootleg, because otherwise, who cares who thought of the idea. We are always going to be the “lesser” party in that scenario as the remixers. Look at Low Is Gone (JD). That is one of the hottest bootlegs ever made and kills it to this day. JD should get as much credit for that as David Guetta and Flo Rida should for having made the originals. If that wasn’t true, David Guetta would never have played JD’s remix.

    It’s also a different thing when you sell your remixes or distribute them elsewhere. That warrants more explanation. I have a million remixes that say (Xkaliber Bootleg) on the end of them but they were only intended for my personal use and maybe the use of a couple of friends.

    Finally, JD murdered it at the End of the World Party. If anything, watching that made me realize I need to get out more :)

    • Thanks X! I really appreciate what you said. Thanks for opening and playing that sick set. Perfect opening set!

      I agree it’s a totally different story if you’re making bootlegs for yourself vs. to distribute or sell. If they’re going out to a mass audience, there should be more detail and scrutiny.

      As you mentioned with your Levels/Don’t Stop Believing bootleg, most ideas are not at original as we would like to think. I’ve had the same thing happen to me a few times and I was PISSED! I thought for the longest time that these other remixers had jacked my work. But no, they didn’t… They just found the same dope in key acapella to go over the hottest song out at the moment. Go figure. haha Lesson learned.


  3. Thats an easy one…here’s the best way to make an awesome remix…

    Take a track like:
    Set Fire To The Bottle Song (Alden Mashup)(Dennis Blaze ReDrum)(Thomas Gold Remix)(Alvin Risk Bootleg)- R3hab vs. Adele

    And Then either cut the last verse out or extend the intro…then it becomes…

    Set Fire To The Bottle Song (Prievo Refix)-Adele

    Send it to DJCity and Club Killers and you are now a remixer!

    Now, sit back and keep an eye out for me, I’ll be on tour to all the local bars and high school dance parties in the area…no cover

  4. Hey JD…flippin thru all these episodes here and I just thought of something that would be cool for the site. How about a “Show/hide comments” feature without being routed to another page from the main homepage? Hopefully I explained that clear enough. Other than that, I really like the simplicity of the site as is.

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