Weekend Recap – Sealed With A Kiss!

It’s our first recap of 2013! We talk about our NYE gigs and all the news of the past 2 weeks. We also answer some of your questions.

Band Releases Single On Ice!
Skrillex Releases New EP “Leaving”
LMFAO Releases Solo Singles (RedFoo, Sky Blu)
Dj Bl3nd’s Production
Dj City Top 50 of 2012
Dj Shadow Posts Mansion Set
Zedd Performs On Letterman
Gareth Emery On The Sync button
Hakkasan Set For Vegas Takeover
EDM Is Growing Up

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  1. Daayaumm Jay Spring, what a rough night!

  2. Also, is the Flipside remix anywhere near done? I’ve been wanting to drop that since I heard it on the Paddy Palooza mix. Sounds like it would make the crowd go crazy.

  3. Shout out to you guys for highlighting Deville’s Titties. That track is a monster and sets off my dancefloor everytime.

    Thanks for answering my facebook question. I nearly died waiting 2 weeks for this recap. I just started playing out about 7 months ago. I play for a diverse crowd : black,white,latin and even those 40 year old women who come to party and request Low by Flo Rida. I would get people dancing to hip hop for 15 minutes, so I would decide to continue to 30 or 40 minute sets and was left wondering why my dance floor would clear completely. Since then I’ve learned to genre switch more often, though I’m still trying to find those great crossover tracks and keep the music engaging. Thanks again for the great advice fellas. I’m off to build up the library with QUALITY music.

    Also, is the Flipside remix almost finished? I’ve been wanting to drop that since I saw the Paddy Palooza post.

  4. Happy 2013 Remix Report!

  5. On Dj Bl3nd….I wouldn’t say he got his popularity because he has videos of himself wearing a mask dancing to a pre-made mix. He’s not a total gimmick. People follow him and continues to watch his videos because he puts out good mixes. I find it hard to believe he got millions of views because people like to watch him dance for 10 minutes over and over again. If his mixes were average and he put out the same videos, I doubt he’d get that many views, followers, and success. He draws a crowd and rocks it too. I saw him DJ live recently and I was happy to see he wasn’t DJing with premade mixes, segues, etc….he just let songs ride out longer as he plays with the crowd (squirting them, throwin whip cream, crowd-surf). All in all, he’s just an up-n-comin dj doin his thing differently and it’s workin. In my opinion, what makes him big right now is his crowd hyping ability and his music programming…not his turntablist skills or music production.

  6. You can still cut dubplates at $30 for 10-Inch, $40 for 12-Inch. WHEEL UP SELECTA!!

  7. LMFAO on LMFAO!

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