2012 Recap: Remix Report Year In Review

Gonna keep it real short this time, instead of the usual “2012 was great but we plan on making 2013 better!”.  (Even though that is actually how we feel :) )  Looking back, one thing we can say about 2012 is that we regret not bringing you more special segments and guest appearances.  Most of the previous one’s we’ve had in the past kinda ran their course, but we promise you some awesome new ones this year for sure!   Also, be on the lookout for Remix Report 3.0 very soon.  JD has been busy in the lab designing our new site and you’ll get to see it in the very near future!  With that said, here’s our annual “Best Of”……


10) Discussing The Rise Of Trap Remixes (watch HERE and HERE)

The whole Trap movement pretty much came out of nowhere this year, and it’s definitely one of the top stories of the open-format world in 2012.  While hip-hop remixes of house music are nothing new, in the last half of 2012, they became the thing to make/play.  It seems like no house song was truly a hit unless there was a trap remix of it.  JD and I discussed it above, and also HERE with Guzie and HERE with Solarz, both of The Mighty Rock-It Scientists.

9) Rock-It Scientists Back On Remix Report (watch the intro to “Shut Up & Talk” HERE)

Oh, speaking of The Mighty Rock-It Scientists, they recently joined our site again with a new segment entitled “Shut Up & Talk”!  You all know the super-popular Rock-It Rant went RIP the year before, but we’re very fortunate that The Rock-It Scientists have decided to share their new podcast with us.  While this one is more about everyday life as opposed to just music, it’s without a doubt just as much fun to listen to as The Rock-It Rants.

8) Dave Aude Interview (watch HERE)

Earlier in the year, we had the chance to interview Dave Aude, the man behind 83 (not a typo) #1 Billboard remixes.  We got right into it with Dave, and he gave us his take on the rise of dance music, talked about what goes into making a label remix, showed us his studio, as well as provided some great advice for the younger remixes checking our site.  Awesome interview that we highly recommend to all up and coming producers!

7) Discussing What YOU Do Wrong!

Okay, not you in particular, but there are a lot of DJs out there making some pretty big mistakes.  There were actually three segments that dug into this topic:

A) We Address Bad Behavior In The DJ Game (watch HERE)

B) DJ Zimmie‘s Top 5 DJ Mistakes (watch HERE)

C) The Art Of Open Format DJing With DJ Danny Rockz (watch HERE)

These are all must-watch videos for the younger DJs trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.  There are definitely right and wrong ways to do stuff as a DJ and hopefully we fill you in pretty well on what to avoid doing, as well as how to go about things in the right way!

6) Our “Fake It Til’ You Make It” Special (watch HERE)

Trying to think back, I don’t think there was really any special event that set this off.  I guess JD and I just had a lot of thoughts on this subject and felt this was the time to get this out.  We could probably do another one of these every month or so, and since we’ve done this, it seems like things have only gotten worse in the industry.

5) Auto Sync Vs. Segues/Transitions Topic Of The Week (Read HERE)

There’s a few DJ topics that always get people riled up, such as discussing when opening DJs burn, when DJs get stupid requests, etc.  For the most, we try to steer clear of these topics, since they’ve pretty much been beaten to death.  However, for once, we just couldn’t resist :)  Although, we did add a new twist to the argument.  In addition to reading the comments in the Topic Of The Week (above), check out our discussion of the results HERE as well as DJ Solarz joining us for more discussion HERE.

4) Discussing Whether Deadmau5 Is A DJ (Watch HERE, HERE,  & HERE)

This turned into one of the first heated discussions between JD and I that you guys seemed to really get a kick out of.  JD and I tend to agree on most things, and when we talk about them, no one seems to give a @#$%.  However, I can’t tell you how many people emailed us, tweeted us, texted us, and told us in person how much they enjoyed watching us argue about this.  Anyway, as we explain in the videos, Deadmau5 pretty much despises DJs and thinks he isn’t one.  JD agrees with him, and I think he’s in denial.  JD also seemed to get tired of this topic pretty quickly, but I am still taking on all challengers.

3) Promo Only Remix Chart

Very early in 2012, we were fortunate  to partner up with the good folks at Promo Only and provide you with the DJ chart that you had all been desperately craving:   A chart of the prior week’s most played remixes.  What made this chart so AWESOME was that it was compiled based on the spins of many open format DJs, just like yourselves.  Hence, it gave you a great idea of what your peers were playing at their gigs all across the country.  While the  Promo Only offices were hit very, very hard during Hurricane Sandy, they’ve assured us the charts will be back very shortly, just as soon as they are able to fully recover!

2) Video Report

You guys asked for it and we delivered (after a ridiculously long time)!  We welcomed DJ Joshua Carl and DJ Eloy to our staff, and from the beginning the feedback they got was great. They provided some great insight on new equipment/features as well as some great interviews with some of your favorite video mixers.  While the episodes have been a bit scarce lately, Josh has promised me that there is definitely more to come!

1) Discussing Calvin Harris Getting Kicked Off The Decks At Tryst (WATCH HERE)

This was the first of a handful of times that this happened to a big name producer/DJ in 2012.   Luckily, our good friend DJ Fabian was available to fill us in on what really happened out there in Vegas.  As you can see by our discussion in the video, as well as your comments, this was about much more than the fact that Calvin Harris was kicked off.  This event stirred up a great debate about what should be expected when you hear these big DJs perform live, as well as if it is the duty of every DJ to give the crowd what it wants, no matter how much we may hate their requests.

As always, a huge thanks to everyone who visited our site last year, and especially to those who contributed, whether it was by leaving a comment or actually appearing in a segment.  JD and I would definitely not have the motivation to keep this going if it wasn’t for all the help and positive feedback we get from our audience.  Happy New Year and we hope everyone has a great 2013!


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  1. Great wrap up of 2012! Convenient way for those who may have missed a highlighted segment to go back and watch. I was expecting to see a bunch more than 3 “heres” (lol) on #4 regarding the Deadmau5 topic, as thru out last year it seemed like so many more segments had this on going debate in it, lol :)

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