Shut Up & Talk – Episode 6

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  1. Great podcast and awesome insight from Guzie, Solarz and Risk One.

    Did anyone notice during Solarz discussion about “BLACK DJ’s” that there were Police and Fire sirens going off in the background? LMAO!

    P.S. I ran into Risk One at my gig at Cellar the other week and I played that Sourmilk Remix of “All Gold Everything”. HAHAHA

    The CHINA stories are amazing…

    Guzie/Solarz: Why do us BAY AREA DJ’s always get in trouble in Modesto? I played at AQUA, once. NEVER AGAIN. LOL.

  2. RISK ONE is definitely one of the DJ’s I’ve looked up to for years and very thankful to have him as a homie. Always on top of his DJ game, including business and marketing.

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