335: Dj Kue Interview

We’ve both been following Dj Kue for a while now and we’ve highlighted many of his remixes over the years. It’s been fun to watch his journey from his start on the Dj City record pool to being a top tier remixer for the major labels. It was great to finally sit down and talk with Kue and get a behind the scenes look into his process.

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  1. Great Interview! Kue is by far my favourite remixer out there. The familiarity of the remixes are always a treat, but the number one thing I love about his tracks are the drums. So many other remixers out there have so much potential in their remixes if only they beef up the drums, or have consistency in their drums. With a DJ Kue remix, I can always expect a sick track that will fit into my set no matter what. Keep it up Kue!

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