Weekend Recap – End of an Era?

In what may be our final video recap, at least for a while, we catch up on everything that’s happened so far in 2013 including new announcements from NAMM! Let us know how you like to consume Remix Report. Do you listen to the podcast? Do you watch the videos? Do you read the posts? How would you like to see Remix Report come to you in the future?

Numark NS7 II
Numark Orbit
Behringer CMD
Daft Punk Sign with Sony
Deadmau5 Releases Plugin
9 Years of Beatport
Sell Mixes on Beatport
Bird Sings Dubstep
Fake a Night Out
Find Music Better
Mr. C Disses Laptop Dj’s

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  1. You had me scared for second. Glad you are gonna stick with it! Audio version would be great.

  2. Audio or video…no written

  3. I really dont blame you guys if you do decide to go all audio. Its basically all talk anyways. I use to watch you guys b4 but then i got so busy with my regular morning job, with music, picking up more gigs, doing radio shows ect… and of corse family. So the little time i do have to spare i work on Edits, i search for music, i review it, edit it, remix it or add drums, so all that is A LOT of time consuming. So it makes it really hard to sit on a computer and watch you guys. B4 i sopped tuning into u guys the last few shows i would just play you guys on the background while i organized my music into folders or any other activities that didnt have to do with interrupting ur audio. I run a Music Podcast myself and find it really difficult to constantly do mixs and upload them with all of the other stuff going on. I was really happy to see that you guys started up this Podcast, so now i can listen to u guys during work or in my car without interrupting my own spare time. So its awesome! Just let us know when you guys have something cool going on in the website that makes it worth it to check out. Like the weekend weapons, a cool video, pictures, anything like that would make it worth it to go on the site and check out.
    Thanks Keep up the Great Work!

  4. Shoutout to DJ JD for coming out to BARFX Saturday night you did an awesome job! Great to meet you, you sir are a truly humble and hardworking guy. I’ve looked up to you for the past couple of years and hope to be at the level of which your career is at one day.

    I appreciate all the work you have put into this site over the years. A podcast would be great, I will miss seeing the face behind the podcast tho!

    Props to Spring as well because without the other half you wouldn’t be whole!

    I certainly watch the videos, it has become a weekly routine of mine. Weekend recap has so much good news you guys always find great stories to talk about!

    If we can get a Remix Report Mix portion of the site where you post Live Club Mixes/Soundcloud Mixes that would be amazing!

    That is my only suggestion, keep up the good work.

    • Yeah I think a section where you guys (and others) can post sets would be great. Or even a section where readers could just post the text from the serato playlist history showing what they played that weekend.

  5. Holy crap I got scared too for a sec! Please keep this show going! It doesn’t matter to me which format… maybe do audio only and a monthly video? I’d like to see more guest spots. The episodes that are the most entertaining for me are the ones where you guys shoot the shit with fellow DJ’s.

  6. that calculator anaolgy was spot on.

  7. I usually listen to the audio version… I enjoy it and I can catch up in the car or wherever

  8. Shut up and Talk is annoying AF!!!

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