Weekend Recap: Run The Trap Track

Ok…..we’re back to the written recaps….at least for the time being.  For those of you who didn’t see our last video recap, we mentioned how tough it’s been to find time to do the vids — so here we are at the keyboards again.  I’m thinking we’ll try to keep things short here and save any big, thought provoking issues for editorials.

—  This past weekend, I played at Scorpion Bar both Friday and Saturday nights.  However, because of Hurricane Nemo, this wasn’t a normal weekend at all.  I arrived at Foxwoods at 3pm on Friday afternoon and didn’t leave the premises until Noon on Sunday.  Let’s break this down into the good, and the bad:

                                                        The Bad:  Wasn’t very busy at all (It was actually illegal to drive during the hurricane) and the crowd that was there was
older, and not the normal crowd.

                                                        The Great:  I got hooked up with a room at The MGM both Fri and Sat .  I won 14 bucks playing poker to cover all my expenses,
and on top of all that, I got to see The Diceman wandering around the casino by himself all weekend.


— I finally started getting things cracking on some remix projects.  I still have a ways to go on learning production, but I feel like I have some decent ideas, and with the help of some friends, it looks like I’ll have some material out in the very near future.

— Believe it or not, one of the remixes in the works is…….wait for it…….trap.  I know I was really, really, really against trap remixes (and especially doing them) when everyone first started, but I’ve warmed up to them a lot.  For one, the production value had improved a lot.  When we first discussed trap on this site, it was simply about speeding a house song up to 140 and adding some hi hats.  Now, people are actually producing their own trap mixes.  However, I still do believe that trap remixes are not the best way to get attention.  Think about the biggest names in Trap music now.  They’re all pretty much big because of their original trap tunes rather than trap remixes.

— Speaking of trap, there’s something that’s been really bugging me.  I’ve seen a million people say the phrase “RUN THE TRAP!!!!!”  I’ve even seen club nights and shows called “RUN THE TRAP!!!!!”  It’s obviously taken from that Bounty Killer sample used at the beginning of Major Lazer’s “Original Don”.  The only problem is that isn’t what’s being said.  The sample is likely taken from Bounty doing an exclusive for a DJ.  When reggae artists do their exclusive tracks (dubplates), they always start out acapella doing a shout out and then call for the beat to drop.  In this case, Bounty said “Run the track!”  So if you wanna ask me “Are you mad bro?”  The answer is yes….it does kinda bother me more than it should.

— In actual non-trap related news, we’re gonna start a couple new features this week.  We’re finally gonna drop the “Tip Of The Week” tomorrow and on Thursday look out for our music report (still need to think of a clever name for that segment).

— Finally, we end with some exciting news from some of our blogger/record pool friends:

*The DJ City blog just announced a dope new feature taking you into the world of “Tone Play”.  This is what we discussed in our recap after Four Color Zack’s Redbull Thre3Style performance last year.  Rather than explain it in detail, peep their first video in the series featuring DJ Morse Code.   Also, for those who haven’t heard the exciting news…..The MikiDz show is coming back in March!!   They haven’t released any details (that we know of) just yet, but stay tuned!

*Our friend Kevin Scott of DirectMusicService.com, who as you know was close friends with DJ AM, recently unleashed another unreleased AM mix.  Soooo dope, and more to come!

*In other record pool news, our homies at Barbangerz.com just made some big changes to their subscriptions packages HERE.  We obviously wouldn’t mention this, as well as the two pools above if they weren’t highly recommended.  Each pool serves a great purpose, and if you are serious about DJing (meaning you see it as real job/career and treat it as a business), then you should really consider all three of these pools.

*Last but not least, Beezo.net (Shout out to DJ Enrie and co.) has announced the return of the Beezo Battles! For those who don’t remember, this was a great chance for DJs on the west coast to showcase and learn how to improve their club rocking skills by stepping up in front of some well-established judges.  It was also fun to watch the vids after the battles and see other DJs do their thing.  Can’t wait to see more!

—— Spring

Well, like Spring mentioned, superstorm, blizzard of the century, Caroline/Nemo (Depending on which station you watched), put a HUGE damper on the weekend.  My Friday night at Shrine was cancelled all together and Saturday wasn’t anything to write home about.  I was excited to make my debut at Afterlife in New Haven, a new after hours spot that opened in the fall, but it wasn’t meant to be.  They got close to 40 inches in New Haven, so not much was going on.

I ended up covering at Shrine on Saturday instead since our guest DJ couldn’t make it up due to the weather.  As I walk into MGM I see, for the first time ever, the casino floor is roped off!  That’s right… the gaming floor was CLOSED!  Needless to say, there wasn’t much foot traffic on this side of the casino and nobody wanted to drive 20 minutes in the snow knowing they’d have to drive home on icy roads, most likely drunk.

Much of my weekend was devoted to shoveling and/or snow blowing and watching Netflix.  My fiance and I finished “House of Cards” which is Netflix’s first in-house produced show.  It’s amazing and you should go watch it NOW!  I must admit to some ulterior motives in my promotion of “House of Cards.”  While I truly did think it was a great show, I also want Netflix to win the fight against cable and be the next HBO.  It must happen, so help me out and get people to watch “House of Cards!”

I’ll leave you with a few choice links form the past two weeks.

Shrine was ranked the #31 highest grossing nightclub in the US for 2012!  Check out the entire top 100 list.

Trap is obviously here to stay!  Check out these “Harlem Shake” videos…  Shrine’s version coming soon!

Great story on the history of Beats by Dre and Monster’s colossal screwup.

I’ve been messing around with the CDJ2000’s more and testing out playing off of SD cards.  In my research I found this tool that converts Traktor cue points to the Pioneer Rekordbox format.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I intend to convert some of my Serato tracks to Traktor’s format and then into the Rekordbox format.  Hope it works.

Our friend Dj Zimmie released the first mix in his Footnotes series.  He descirbes the series as “an encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year.”

Where did the Roland 808 get it’s cymbal sounds from?  Find out here!

MIDI turns 30!  A history of the Synthesizer.

If you drink a lot and want to understand your hangovers better, read this.

There was a horrible nightclub fire in Brazil a few weeks ago.  I pray none of us ever have to go through something like this.


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  1. Not hating or anything but I like the typed updates. I can read faster than you guys talk, and that’s KEY for a busy guy like me! Miss you guys by the way, hope to see you soon!

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