Weekend Recap – That’s a Complex Beat


We’re back with more interesting DJ topics to chat about. This episode is AUDIO ONLY, so take a listen by pressing the play button and visit the topic links below.

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  1. A comment referring to the Ableton “Beats” vs. “Complex” mode. There’s a couple of Ableton users over on the Ableton website that echo what you both are saying: https://www.ableton.com/answers/what-s-the-best-mode-to-warp-full-tracks

    A quick similar experience I had with another time stretching algorithim “Elastique”.

    Before using Serato, I was using a DJ program which used “Elastique” as there method of time stretching and I noticed that, even though the “Elastique” algorithim kept everything sounding like typical “Master Tempo” when pitching, I noticed early on that it muffled the high end, and like mentioned here in the recap. It was a trade off I had to live with if I wanted to continue to use this program and feature to keep things from sounding like a chipmunk with it off, however I was not happy about it, seeing Elastique is Pro and used in such programs like Pro Tools.

    Like Complex mode, Eleastique did its job in maintaining stretching, etc, but at the cost of degrading the high end most noticeably, and like Spring mentioned, distortion at some levels. Like JD mentioned, all my earlier stuff was more or less in Complex and Complex Pro mode, and I had as well noticed the high end degradation and especially the hi hats on everything would be too muffled to want to use in Production all of the time. I tried to compensate with EQ boost, etc, but the sound was never there for me in the end vs. if you ran a track straight thru Ableton without warping.

    This audible difference was just to noticeable, and you didn’t have to be an Audiophile to notice the quality difference here. I did however early on experiment with using all the other warping modes, and when it came to “Beats” mode, I found it almost instantly sounding so much cleaner than Complex mode, almost to the point as if there was no warping applied at all. However trying out Beats mode for me at that time came with a price, as I was experimenting with it, I found that although the Beats mode made everything sound clear, especially on the high end, the music I was trying it out with introduced too many artifacts and glitches/jumps within the sound for it to be usefull for me at all! Although Beats mode, sounding much clearer than Complex mode, the music sounded jumpy and at times a bit too glitchy, so I stayed in Complex/Complex Pro mode, and never turned back…….until I heard Spring mention about Beats mode a while back in an episode, which piqued my interest into giving “Beats” another try, and I did, and now after some experimentation, and knowing how each warping mode acts and reacts to different elements within Music, Beats mode moved to the forefront for me !

    However, my conclusion is exactly what JD summed up. You really need to try out whats best for what it is you are using. Having said that though, without a doubt, “Beats” mode in warping is usually always going to “sonically” sound better, or clearer, and cleaner, especially on the high end, and that’s why I can see why Spring suggests that 95% of the time Beats will do the job. I believe he may be stateing that “QUALITY” wise Beats just sounds better than Complex.

    I have to give thanks to Spring though……ever since he mentioned about Beats being better, I always start in Beats mode and try it first, because I know it will more or less preserve my high end….If I don’t hear any artifacts, glitches, or jumpiness, etc while I’m in Beats, I use it, however, if its too glitchy sounding, I go to Complex because I know the sound, although sonically will alter the high end, the overall smoothness will be preserved over the duration of that specific track being warped. Im glad Spring mentioned about Beats mode enough times to open my eyes up into trying it again, because prior to hearing it, my first experiences with Beats warping mode was not that good!

  2. Forgot to mention, Thanks JD for last weeks tips on Converting. Not too long ago I was in search for a new form of MP3 conversion. I will definitely have to check that converter out!

  3. 60 hours is nothing for the years of love and happiness your marriage will bring. lol

  4. wow the comment section wiped out my epic novel of a post, guess it “didn’t have time fa dat”. here is the short form of what i said – I’ve seen just about about every DMC/ITF/etc battle and i’ve seen lots of the redbull ones in person. Redbull is the DMC battle evolved because most if not all the people who win local heats are turntablism vets who realized that only qbert and few other djs can eat from just scratching. the rest of us need to be able to put a set together and do it with some style if we want to get booked anywhere. Check out the mixcloud for redbull and listen to some of the sets and you’re notice right away.

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