Weekend Recap – Mix Masters

We’re back with a new VIDEO!

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  1. Glad to see hear that you guys are back. With that being said, can you put this episode on Itunes? I listen to these podcasts at the gym. Congrats on the nuptials, JD!

  2. Why are you guys slacking so much with the video? Geez. It used to be that you guys were excited about the site and the community but now you dont put out videos? I know we all have personal shit but at least try. Stop being so damned lazy.


    Someone who likes your videos.

  3. Lots of white noise in the background of this video – but still, glad to see another video! (Finally)

  4. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. March & April were extra busy for JD and I…..I went through the process of getting a place, and then moving out of the old and into the new one. JD had a wedding to play for, finally got married, and literally JUST got back from the honeymoon (and is about to leave for another week to DJ in the Dominican Republic. Once we are all settled from these last two months, we’ll be back and better than before :)


  5. Cannot wait for new episodes

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