Shut Up & Talk – Remix Report Interview!

Finally… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Rock-it! Scientists sit down and talk with Dj Jd and Dj Jay Spring about what’s really going on with Remix Report, plus a bunch of other nonsense. You’ll love it!

“Founders of the word famous REMIX REPORT website, DJs JD and Jay Spring sat down in our Connecticut hotel room to talk about what happened with their site, plans for a comeback and why supposedly charitable companies like Toms Shoes are a not quite as they appear on the surface.”

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  1. This makes me miss Remix Report so much. Fuck

  2. Mikol Javier Escobar

    Agree with Danny. Hope the report comes back, I’ll start posting more! Whatever the case, I learned a lot from RR, and it has helped me become a better DJ.

  3. Sup guys! I’m definitely gonna bring it back sooner than later. And I’m glad you were able to learn something Mikol….hope to have some new material within the next couple weeks.


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