Episode 042 – Dj Serafin Interview Pt. 2

Episode 042 – Dj Serafin Interview Pt. 2

Today we reconnect with one of our good friends and Crooklyn Clan top-selling artist, Dj Serafin.  We take a trip back in time and talk about some of Serafin’s first hits.  He’s always got something interesting to say, so, what are you waiting for?  Watch already! lol

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  1. Enjoyed the Serafin Interview. Serafin has some real nice tracks that make him stand out. Towards the end of the interview the subject of balancing when and when you should not release your remixes came up and also referring to the editorial a couple of days back. For me this issue has been an on going struggle for years. Serafin makes an excellent point and I think in a way answers it with a basic answer. Most DJs that also remix, usually at least play thier own stuff with the other great remixes out there, however when you take a break from DJing briefly to focus on studio remixing and production only, Really, if you dont release any of your material, what is the point of making something you think is so good, just to have it sit on a shelf for years. With the right balance, we as remixers, DJs, or just plain out musicians should always have those goto tracks to be able to give out or release if the right time arises, especially the here today gone tomarrow tracks, have them played while there still relevant, however if you make a real good “classic” or 80s “staple” track, well those are the type with more longevity, and you have more time to decide what you want to do with them maybe.

  2. wassup guys? great site. fun interviews. quality production value. just a quick clarification on REMIX.FREAKONOMIX.com on the topic of charts/ratings. I think they may have been added around the time of interview. There are 3 kinds of charts: (1) top rated full-length remix tracks, (2) top premium remix tracks, and (3) most popular.

    for top rated full-length and premium, there are monthly top rated found in the right sidebar and yearly top rated found in the Top Rated tab at the top. the most popular is purely based on plays and is also found in the right sidebar on the site.

    the difference between “full-length” and “premium” is that full-length is complete remix tracks DJs want to offer for full download for free and premium is for 30-90 second snippets that DJs upload to promote their remix work on their various remix sites for purchase. the premium “genre” is meant to give remix artists free promotion with direct links to their purchase pages.

    the site’s just starting up, but the mission is to give DJs a single place to get some free promo remix tracks AND get more info on all the premium remix tracks out there. from the remix artist pov, we just wanted to give you a place to upload your remix projects that offer the end-user a simple/hassle-free download experience. like Serafin mentioned, no annoying wait times (or pop-up ads, or download limits). also, for premium tracks, it can offer a nice forum for general feedback for each of your remix tracks.

    that’s it. keep it up guys, these shows are entertaining.

  3. Great interview guys. I spent a couple of hours checking out Serafins remixes on crooklyn and one of my favorite tracks is Bo Soul Sister. Fuckin bangin son!!!! Check it out.

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