Episode 045 – Dante The Don Interview

Today we talk to Chi town’s Dante The Don.  He owns the hottest club promotion company in Chicago, Outfit Events, and has made a name for himself in the remix game as an artist on Crooklynclan.net.  Check out yesterday’s Edit edition for some free remixes!  We sat down and talked to him about opening DJ’s, Light techs & starting a promotions company.

You can find Dante The Don online at:

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  1. I really enjoy this website, keep up the good work

  2. Before I found this site I was great at doing what I do (DJ’ing) but since I’ve found this website I’ve learned so much more. You guy’s have helped me tremendously and I can honestly say that just thanking you isn’t enough. You guy’s are the shit! Thank you!!!!

  3. You’re very welcome! We’re really happy to hear that we’ve been able to help out some of our fellow DJ’s. We’re learning during this whole process too.

  4. great stuff guys.. fyi Donte wasnt lying when he said Chicago is the best place to be in summer. hopefully you guys make it out.

  5. Thanks Joel….I hope so too!


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