Welcome To The All New RemixReport!

Welcome To The All New RemixReport!

What’s up everyone.   Just wanted to thank you all for your patience.  I talked things over with JD and we finally decided the direction we wanted to take things.  As most of our loyal visitors know, I’m a big fan of BarstoolSports.com.  A couple of weeks ago, it finally hit me that maybe we should take some of what we love about their site and bring it here.  In a nutshell, that means we’ll be putting up shorter posts more often — and try to have more fun in the process.  Also, we’ll be having some awesome new additions to the staff.  Hope you like this as much as you did the old site, and please let us know what you think!

— Spring



  1. Glad you here you guys are back. If you need any support this way, let me know!

  2. I second that Hi Def!

    Hearing JD talk about it over the years made me check out barstool sports. I definitely like this idea, tho I miss the video interviews and playlist weds. Between Remix Report and Shut Up & Talk my driving and video entertainment are covered. Ultimately tho I’m just glad you guys are back!

  3. Thanks guys……really, really appreciate the support! We hope to include both interviews and playlist Weds once we get back in full swing.


  4. Pumped to have you back. I switched over to the Rock-It! Scientists “Shut up and talk” podcast which is great but they don’t always go into DJing talk.

    One topic I always thought would work on this site and maybe that readers could chime in on would be a “forgettable” throwback track that you drop one night that got a great response. Not your typical throwback track that you always hear DJs play but maybe one that you just randomly picked and it went over well. I remember a few months ago I played Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up” and people went crazy. Just a thought…

    • That’s a good idea man…..I’m sure we’ll get to that relatively soon! Always appreciate feedback and ideas. And we still encourage you to listen to our friends Solarz and Guzie — hopefully we’ll have them back on the site soon!

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