Props To Avicii

Props To Avicii

Ok, so I can see how if you look at the picture you might think this post is gonna be a joke, but it’s really not.  We wanna make it a point to shout people out who do good work….and right now, no one is more deserving than Avicii.  In a time where so much of House music sounds the same, and everyone wants to use the same formula to make a hit, Avicii bravely stepped out of the box.  He debuted his new Folk-House sound at WMC earlier this year.  He dared to be different.  And you know what his reward was?  He took a huge beating from pretty much everyone on social media to the point where he had to release a statement apologizing/explaining things.  However, I was one of the few people to stick up for him at the time.   And for those of you who’ve followed the site for a while, you probably know one thing about me:  I’m usually right.  Fast forward to current times and “Wake Me Up” has been arguably the hottest song in the club for the past month.  I hope other producers are taking notes!

— Spring

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