This Should Silence All The Haters

This Should Silence All The Haters

In case you missed it this weekend, Beamz spokesman Grandmaster Jay has returned with another amazing YouTube vid.  This one is pretty much a big “FUCK YOU” to everyone who doubted his skills.  Oh, you think Grandmaster Jay isn’t a “real” DJ?  Boom…ROASTED!

It’s pretty clear that right now there is one, and only one crowd motivator.  Chris Karns, Trentino, Enferno, Scene…..hope you guys have been practicing.

— Spring



  1. I just saw this Grandmaster Jay at the CES and began researching him and all the drama he stirred up this past November. Ive read a ton of negative and positive stuff about this dude that has come out in the last two months and I must say that he has gotten more publicity than any other dj I have ever seen. The Beamz demo he gave was actually pretty solid with the turntables and Serato together. I wouldn’t use it though. But it seemed more people were interested in him rather than the gear. I saw the new video he just posted and read the interview he gave to some magazine and now it all makes sense to me. This was an Old School dude that got back in the game and did it by hook or crook.I don’t jump on bandwagons without doing my research and Im not biggin this guy up for how he did it but see for yourself. A lot of us are just hearing the name Grandmaster Jay outside of the hardcore dj world for the first time minus the drama. Watch this video is at The magazine interview is at Is this guy the next Paris Hilton level Celeb DJ?? He’s gettin booked!WTF!

  2. Mixitron…..from what I’ve heard, he faked a lot of his bio and likely paid for any magazine articles. Even Jazzy Jeff came out and said he had no idea who this dude was.

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