Episode 047 – Push It (Playlist)

Today we dig into our own crates and give you examples of how we mix in and out of Salt N Pepa’s classic song “Push It.”  This is a guaranteed hit at any club!

Let us know how you play “Push It”.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com


  1. Well since you said something about him, the dude on the song is Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor. He produced most of their songs and also discovered them and Kid & Play. Ok that does it for my fun fact of the day.

  2. My classic seque in or out of push it used to be INOJ’s “Let me love you down”, not the original slow boring mix, but rather the push it remix of the song. Im sure you guys are aware of it, its hard to find now a days, if you guys dont have it, If you guys can recieve MP3 tracks, i’ll send it to ya via gmail. What I like about the INOJ Push it remix seque in or out of Push It is, it works at any point of when you want to get in or out fast of either song. I know in the bottle service world, playing both songs with the same beat to long would be overkill, Also the other thing thats nice about the INOJ remix is, all the signature push it drums are there. Also INOJ re-recorded Luv Bugs Vocal almost to the tee, and the hype on it is typical 1997 hype for the time, but that has always been a hiiden gem whenever I played it.

    On a side note pertaining the OMG song, its funny these two posts arise, as I recently finished work on an OMG remix featuring INOJs Push It Remix. If you listen to Ushers chorus on OMG, the part where he says “Baby let me love you down”, then listen to INOJ’s chorus of the push it remix, where she says “Let me love you down” they obviusly are not exactly the same, however in my opinion, I feel this is where Usher got the inspiration for OMG. Also the keys of OMG and INOJ are different, so within my remix I had to match them, and it goes real well! I think in a club where your mixing in and out of songs quickly, say a minute or so of a song, Salt and Pepas Push It compliments the chorus of INOJ’s push it remix. However when listening to the full INOJ remix, the verses drag when played against the push it rap style of Salt and Pepa, so what I would do is play a good portion of Sand Ps push it, with a quick chorus and breakdown of INOJ;s push it remix, cause thats where the hype in that song matches up to push it

    I think OMG, being it a more slower paced feel, INOJ works perfectly into that song when mixing, seeing the verses on INOJ, even though you still have the energetic push it drum track in back, the verses do tend to drag just like OMG, however, if I was mixing these tracks live, I would start out with OMG(being it the slower paced of the 3), then introduce the INOJ push it remix right after, seeing she sings virtually the same chorus, and its slow butat the same time the push it beat behind it and the chorus vocal hype, help build up the energy more from, then finally going full on into push it. This type of mix, if done right in key, from a musical stand point works, because your intergrating Usher and INOJ, 2 songs that have a simular pace, and the choruses tend to be simular to a point, and then the INOJ actual push it beat and the recitement of the push it vocals in the INOJ song make it a perfect transition into the actual push it song…I might of explained it way to long, however, I was trying to make what I was mixing play out in words…again if you guys ned the track, let me know.

  3. Yeah, I like to spin the your love remix that J Spring mentioned then go into the original Push it. Because I’m in the 80’s I’ll usually follow with Baby got back by Sir Mix A Lot. This little combination of tracks is a guaranty for the dance floor.

  4. @ dubg26 Thank You!!

    @brian Please send…. remixreport@gmail.com Of course we’d love to hear!

    @ruffcutt Exactly right, your set with Push It should have other hits that people love to sing along too. You wanna keep the vibe going!

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